Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Training: 12/27/2013

AM Training:
8k Z1 Row
Notes: Did not complete do to work I had to do in the morning.

PM Training:
A. Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk: 4 x 1+1+1; rest 3 min - build
B. Power Clean: 5 EMOM for 6 min, build as able
C. Front Squat: 2 x 5 @75%1RM, rest 3 min
D. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only

(one series only, same wt. as Mon)

Notes: Hit this workout later in the day (about 5pm).  Love the Friday night workouts though I was little nervous because I felt like I underfueled throughout the day.  Legs were a bit beat up from aerobic intervals the other day, and I was feeling it warming up for cleans.  As I got into it, things started to feel better, but not great.  Hit some solid sets, and then my jerk started to get a little ugly.  Finished off withe 285lbs. in the complex, which is 5lbs. below my best clean and jerk.  Didn't feel too bad either.  Moved onto the tng power cleans.  Started the first set with 195lbs. and those felt good.  Lower back was a little tight but legs were on fire.  Caught the last yep at 220lbs. a little funny so I backed off to 205lbs. for the last set.  Overall these felt fast and strong.

Front squats felt heavy after the bar work in the first two movements.  Tried to keep speed high.  Ox-squats weren't too bad after all of the work before-hand.  Felt light.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Training: 12/26/2013

3 rounds @85% aerobic:
Row 3 min
rest 90 sec
AD 3 min
rest 90 sec
12m Shuttle Runs 3 min
rest 3 min

Notes: Had to get this workout in later in the day due to work involvements.  Didn't have much time to eat today and probably ate a little too close to the time I trained.  I was feeling it in the first set.  Rowing sucked today.  Just couldn't get the legs going.  Airdyne didn't feel bad for a change of pace.  First set of shuttle runs got my back tight.  I was over-striding a bit.  After that set everything else felt good.  Better by the set.       

Rest Day: 12/25/2013

Notes: Merry Christmas, my abs are sore.


AM Training:
1k Row @ 75%; rest 90sec x 7sets

Notes: wasn't too fired up for this workout.  Legs were definitely tired from training the day before.  Kept it at 75% and was able to go negative splits from set to set.  Didn't feel to bad, but mentally taxing.

PM Training:
3 rounds:
4-6 Strict Presses (145,150,55)
rest 20 sec
12 Ring Dips (wtd if able) (BW, BW, 10lbs.)
rest 20 sec
20-25 unbroken Push Presses (75,75,95)
rest 3 min

T2B: 100 for time, w/20 DUs EMOM
Time: 7:29

Notes: Hit this workout later in the evening.  Felt pretty good after warming up.  Shoulder felt mobile without much restriction.  All sets felt really good and I was able to go unbroken on the push presses without much trouble, though the last set was tough.

Moved onto the T2B.  My strategy was to do 15s for as long as I could, and then do 10s resting the remaining time in each minute.  Felt good throughout the workout.  Limiter was the fatigue in my abs.  

Unfortunately I think I worked out a little too late because I had trouble getting to sleep.  Note to self, do not workout out after 4pm.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Training: 12/23/2013

A. Power Snatch or Snatch: 20 reps @165lbs for time. (3:12)
B. Back Squat: 4 x 5 @75%1RM, rest 3 min (282.5x4sets)
C. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only (95lbs.)
--10 min rest once complete, AD at easy pace--
"Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only

(2 series, 10 total sets- same wt. as last Fri)

Notes: Warmed up with some mobility work and hit some technique work off the board.  Pull was feeling okay, but I knew I didn't have to be perfect today, just enough to be able to churn through.  The last time I did 20 power snatches for time it took me 4:03.  This time I did all singles and felt much better.  Just kept dropping it and getting back on it.  Missed one snatch and almost got decapitated by a stray bar on the 2nd to last rep, so there is even more time to make up on this workout.  Happy with the improvement though.

Back squats were heavy because my lower back was cooked from the snatches.  I was just gripping and ripping so my back tightened up.  I didn't think I would be able to hit all reps, but after the first set, each set got easier.  

Did the "Ox-Squats" a bit different today.  Last time I locked out fully at the top of each rep.  This time, I decided to keep a slight knee bend in order to maintain tension on my quads.  I definitely felt the difference.  Kept the weight at 95lbs., and by the last set I was burning.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Training: 12/22/2013

10 Wall Walks
15 Bar MUs
45 Burpees
30 T2B
15 Ring MUs

10 Wall Walks
Time: 14:39

Notes: Took Saturday off because I didn't sleep well on Friday night and I had some things going on.  Got to the gym early and warmed up, and the before my olympic lifting class.  Hit all of the movements before the workout and then mobilized based upon what I felt tight with.  First set of wall walks were okay.  Just paced as I felt my heart rate increase.  The bar muscle up felt very good today, using my hips efficiently.  HSPU I broke into sets of 5 with little rest.  I felt like I could have done bigger sets, but I wanted to cut the rest time down, along with keeping my HR down.  Burpees felt good.  Hand placement and mobility was solid.  3 sets for the T2B.  They felt easy today mostly because I was keeping my hips in a good position and not overextending.  Moved onto muscle ups where I went 4,3,3,3,2 with no misses.  Triceps were roasted during them and I was afraid of falling through the rings.  Since my triceps were smoked after the muscle ups ups, the last set of wall walks were slow and painful.  There were no excessive rests and I definitely felt very strong during this workout.  Could of pushed the pace a bit if I needed to but kept everything under control.    

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Training: 12/20/2013

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 1 EMOM for 10 min, build but keep speed sharp (235,240,255,255,255,260,260,265,270,275)
B. Squat Clean: build to a TnG 8RM in 3 attempts (185,195,225)
C. RDL: 3 x 2-3 @30X0, rest 2 min (255,275,295)
D. "Oxidative"* Back Squats: 5 x 40 sec(10 reps) @2020; rest 40 sec only (95lbs)

*be very strict on the 2 sec down, 2 sec up tempo, no pauses. You'll do 5 sets w/only 40 sec rest. I'd go pretty light - maybe 25-30%1RM to begin.

Notes: Worked out toward of the end of today today.  Always lift a bit better on Friday evenings.  Legs were a little smoked from Wednesday's back squats, but my body felt mobile.  No real issues warming up.  Got the hips and shoulders ready, did some tech work on a board and then started.  Pull wasn't quite there today, but it was better than most other days.  Kept the weight moderate as I wanted to keep the bar speed higher.  Jumped up on my last set and hit a solid 275lbs. with good technique.  Definitely happy with that.  Need to be a bit more consistent on my jerk however.

Squat cleans were rough right from the beginning.  But after the first attempt, I said to myself, when aren't squat cleans rough?  I jumped to 225lbs. for the last set and was happy to hit it (though I made it a bit harder for myself getting sloppy with my feet).  RDLs felt good though my back was fatigued from all the pulling. 

First time doing the "OX-Squats" so used 95lbs..  After doing the squat cleans, these didn't feel all that bad.  I wish my body could feel as strong in competition as I do during the middle of one of these training sessions.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rest Day: 12/21/2013

Notes: Decided to take the day off and rest after a poor night's sleep.  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Rest Day: 12/19/2013

Notes: Hip flexors are a bit sore from squatting, but that's about it.

Training: 12/18/2013

A. Back Squat: Build to 1RM (370-10lb. PR)
500m Row @ 85%; rest 90sec
x 9 sets
Notes: Woke up in the middle of the night hungry.  Didn't have enough carbs before bed I suspect.  I ate an apple and got back to sleep   Decided to train in the afternoon instead of the morning because I wanted to train with Jason and I usually lift better in the afternoon.  

Warmed up with the bar and mobility.  Didn't really have a number in my head other than something over my previous 1RM (360lbs.).  We have been squatting twice a week for the last 6 weeks (1 speed and 1 submax effort) so I was feeling confident in my technique as long as my ankles would cooperate.  Building up, everything felt strong and I went for 370 and hit it with a 8.5/10 effort.  I was definitely pumped after hitting it but I knew that I only had one more effort like that for the day.  I jumped to 382.5 (stupid) and got buried.  I went back down to 375lbs. and after missing at a very high stick point that that was the weight I should have jumped to.  Oh well, next time.  I am happy about the speed and mobility that I have achieved in the last 6 weeks.

Moved onto the row repeats w/o a warm-up.  My brain was a bit roasted so I really couldn't sustain any low numbers.  I also wasn't really prepared for some major hurt.  Kept it 1:44 for most sets and tried to decrease from set to set.  Overall I kept it at 85% and completed without much problem.    

Training: 12/17/2013

4 rounds:
15 C2B
20 HR Pushups
15 T2B

rest 2 min b/t rds.
1. 1:45 (unbroken)
2. 2:00 (HR/T2B Broken)
3. 2:31 (HR/T2B Broken)
4. 2:29 (HR/T2B Broken)

Notes: Got a good warm-up in practiced the movements, and then got to work.  HSPU felt pretty good today as I was getting better flexion from my hip and not just my knees.  C2B felt pretty good but I need to emphasize my hips more in order to take the burden off of my arms.  HR pushups were brutal.  The amount of pump I get in my arms doing this is ridiculous.  T2B felt pretty good though I was having trouble with grip after the C2B pullups.  Good effort today, but not great.  

Monday, December 16, 2013

Training: 12/16/2013

A. Alt EMOM for 12 mins:
odd - 5 TnG Power Clean ~60-65% (165-185)
even - 3 Box Jumps - high; step down (32"- 40")
B. Rotate EMOM for 24 min:
1st min - 5 OHS ~65%1RM (185lbs.)
2nd min - 6-8 GHD Raises
3rd min - 40 DUs

C. Waiter's Walk: 2 x 50m/arm, rest 45 sec b/t armsSkipped, ran out of time.

Notes: Felt good this morning. Body was feeling good, and after warming up and taking in some caffeine, I was on fire.  Shoulders were tough to get warm, but I really didn't need them for the first part of the workout.  Started out with 165lbs. on the power cleans and I had no issues.  Bumped up the weight from set to set and finished of the last two sets with 185lbs. and there wasn't much of an issue.  Pull was feeling good but it still needs work.  Built the box up every two sets and finished off with about 40" box.  Overall I was happy with the first EMOM.  

Warmed up my shoulders a bit more and then hit a few overhead squats to feel out the weight.  155lbs. felt heavy and I was having trouble with bar positioning.  This continued when I bumped it up to 185lbs. though I went unbroken on all sets except the last one.  I think I was having a combination of problems with my lats being tight and my ankles not being loose enough.  I will warm them up better next time.  GH raises sucked today.  I wasn't able to control my midline and this was causing me to break from my midline and my lower back locked up.  I was able to slug through it though and hit eight reps on all sets, but it effected my overhead squats too as I was overextending from my lower back on them as well.  Have to figure out how to do these without breaking from the hips.  All but one set of double unders were unbroken.  I was feeling much better on these today than Saturday.  Back was tight afterward but it loosened up after a little stretching.  Hit some ankle mobility as well.  Overall, I am pleased with this Monday morning workout.  

Rest Day: 12/15/2013

Notes: My right forearm is still tight.  I am going to see my chiropractor on Tuesday so hopefully it doesn't worsen by then.  Knees are a bit cranky today.  Perhaps this was from squatting on Friday?

Training: 12/14/2013

For time:
20 pHSPU
10 unbroken Power Snatch 135lbs
50 DUs
10 unbroken Power Snatch 135lbs
20 strict HSPU
Time: 7:40
5 min recovery
For time:
30 T2B
50 DUs
20 T2B
100 DUs
10 T2B

150 DUs
Time: 7:40

Notes: Coming off the workout the night before I was a little tired and a little tight.  My right forearm on the top was a concern as this tweaked a bit the night before.  I tried to warm-up my shoulders as best as I could, but just couldn't open up the way I would have liked.  Tested out all of the movements, hit a few smaller sets and then got to work.  Did the pHSPU in small sets with little rest to keep my shoulders from fatiguing and to keep my HR under check.  The first set of power snatches were unbroken but tough.  I did the double unders unbroken, and then took a good 30 second rest before attempting the power snatches.  This was rough and I was burning bad after.  Went right into the strict HSPU and my triceps were smoked.  Banged out sets of 2 and 3 and just chugged along.  Had a lactate build up afterward that really didn't go away.

Got into the second workout and I tried to learn from my mistakes on T2B from last Tuesday.  I focus on keeping a tighter midline and extending through my thoracic.  I think I did a good job of this given the fact that I did a lot of work prior to this.  I haven't hit longer sets of double unders in a while, and these hurt.  My shoulders were burning out, and I was struggling to hold on.  The last set was long and very broken.  Happy when this was all done.  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Training: 12/13/2013

AM Training:
2 x @Z1:
Row 2k
AD 15 min
Run 800m

Note: Took me a little less than an hour to complete this.  Felt like crap waking up but felt good during and after this.  Hit 30min of BB tech work after and really felt good with my pull.

PM Training:
A. Back Squat: 4 x 2,1,2,1 @20X0, rest 3 min (80,85,82,90+%) (290,310,300,345x2)
B. Snatch grip RDL: 2 x 4-6 @4110, rest 90 sec (185,215)

C. Reverse Hyper: 2 x 15; rest 1 min 

Notes: Felt on fire during squatting.  Legs felt very good and midline felt really stable.  Ankles are key to my squat.  Need to continue to open them up.  My last squat single I couldn't jump to a heavy enough weight to hit a new max so I decided to put on 345lbs. and see how it felt.  Since the first rep wasn't too bad, I went for it again.  

Snatch grip RDLs felt good.  Hamstrings were working.  Completed the workout with reverse hypers.  Then did 30minutes of mobility.

Rest Day: 12/12/2013

Notes: Feeling good after yesterday's rowing.  Ready for Friday.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Training: 12/11/2013


Row 500m@85%/rest 90 sec x 7
Notes: Ate breakfast, did some programming, and then headed to the gym for my row repeats.  Wanted to get this done so I didn't have it weighing over my head.  Hit a 1k row to loosen up and then got in some dynamic mobility before starting my first set.  My left forearm was tight and sore(pronator), so I had to keep my elbows in and under during my rowing.  This felt good and I felt my lats working much more than my arms during the stroke.  Taking caffeine definitely helps during these intervals.  I think it allows me to control my brain better and stay away from concentrating on the pain.  The 90sec rest intervals didn't real take effect until the after the 3rd set when my heart rate didn't come down.  I really do like the row intervals as I can tell from week to week that I am getting more aerobically fit.

Training: 12/10/2013

Gymnastic skill practice ~10-20' in warmup - your choice. 
Mobility instead

AMRAP Bar MUs in 7 min - while completing 5 Burpees EMOM
Reps: 42
Notes: Need some work on bar muscle up efficiency.  I think I have the same problem here that I do with the ring muscle up in not allowing my hips to drive fully and have a more fluid rotation.
7 rft:
3 Strict Chin ups
6 Ring Dips
6 T2B

30 DUs
Time: 10:06

Notes: Moved closer to the wall on my HSPU and this added more balance, but my butt was hitting the wall at the bottom.  I need to just take a few minutes and analyze what I am doing wrong here because they don't feel quite as natural as they should.  Strict chin-ups felt good.  Ring dips were okay and my kip was efficient.  T2B were tough after the bar muscle-ups.  I just couldn't find a good rhythm.  Double unders were fine despite my left achilles tightening up.  Overall everything was unbroken and I thought I moved well through all movement.  Breathing wasn't much of an issue.  Just spent after.  Hands are pretty beat up.

Training: 12/9/2013

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: 1 single every 45 sec for 15 reps, add every 4-5 sets (235x4,245x4,255x4,265x3)
B. BB Jump Squats: 3 x 6 @10X0, rest 75 sec (145,155,165)
C. Back Squats w/bands: 10 x 1 @20X0, 65%(bar weight); rest 75 sec (215+bands)

Notes: Worked on some technique this weekend and found that my power cleans felt much better, but they were 100% there.  I think I am still bumping the bar out a bit, but I was till able to hit 265 for 3 reps today.  Need to drive off the ground better.  Jumping back squats made my lower back feel funky; compressed.  Tried a new set-up on the banded squats to get more band tension.  Easy set-up and felt tough toward the top.  Overall I think the bands make you stay tighter through the reps.

15 min Row HICT - damper 10, low SPM, HR~150-155
--2 min recovery--
15 min Versa-Climber HICT - high tension, HR~150-155 Slam Ball Pick-up and Drop
--2 min recovery--

15 min Row HICT - damper 10, low SPM, HR~150-155

Notes: Ate lunch and then hit this workout (not a great combo).  My legs were pretty sore from the morning session, but I figured they would feel better after hitting this.  Also, I need to continue to push my cardiac capacity.  My versa climber pedal is still broken so I used a different modality on my second interval: slam ball deadlift and then drop.  Felt good and it gave me an opportunity to practice something relatively functional for my sport.

Rest Day: 12/9/2013

Notes: Off today.  Feel pretty good after yesterdays training. Happy with how the muscle ups felt.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Training: 12/7/2013

HRV: 99 (-/green)
HR: 55

Notes: Took caffeine too close to bedtime last night and was up until 2am. Woke up feeling groggy with sinus pressure.  After my workout and eating dinner, I decided to go back to the gym and work on some technique in my pull.  Man is this frustrating.  

After not being able to go back to sleep after breakfast I decided that perhaps training would be the only thing that would get me tired enough to go to sleep.  Got to the gym, worked some technique on the movements while hitting some mobility.  Muscle ups are continuing to feel better and half way through the workout, I hit stride and really was able to unleash my hip drive elevating me over the rings easily.  Triceps were getting burnt out so had to really focus on locking out.  Breathing was fine, just a good amount of burning in the shoulders and triceps.

Felt much better after my workout and hope to eat and rest the rest of the day.

Training: 12/6/2013

HRV: 99 (-/green)
HR: 55

AM Training:
45min Z1 Airdyne (get off every 5min and perform 5 bar body rows and 20' HS Walk)

Notes: Finished first thing in the morning.  Felt tired afterward and sleepy throughout the day.  

PM Training:
A. Squat Snatch: 8-10 singles, build from 65%-85%, RAN (195 x 10singles)
B. Back Squat: 5 x 3,2,1,2,1 @20X0, rest 3 min (75,77,80,77,85%) (270, 280, 290, 280, 325)
C. Snatch grip RDL: 3 x 4-6 @4110, rest 90 sec (165,175,185)

D. Reverse Hyper: 3 x 15; rest 1 min (incomplete-no reverse hyper)

Notes: Had a personal training client so go this in at about 5:15pm (later than usual on Fridays).  I did this workout at CFBB, felt like I needed a change up.   I have been tweaking my pull over the last week and I seem to be bumping the bar out just slightly.  My catch position feels great with my ankles and shoulders, but feel the bar is out in front.  Squats felt easy.  No real issues. I hope this sub-maximal work is getting me stronger, or else, what is the point? Snatch grip RDLs felt good.  Held solid angles the entire time.  

One thing that is weighing on my mind is my progress.  It is tough to tell how I am doing relative to the field because I am not doing the same testers.  Furthermore, since the only quantifiable thing relative to my competition that I can go off of is my strength numbers, I feel like I am WAY behind my competitors.  It is pretty disheartening.  I keep reminding myself that this is just a rough patch and better times are just around the corner, but are they?

Rest Day: 12/5/2013

HRV: 99 (+2/green)
HR: 55

Notes: body feels good.   Though I am pretty tired after a tough/long day on Wednesday.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Training: 12/4/2013

HRV: not working

AM Training:
A. Power Clean + Jerk: 1 rep every 45 sec for 15 reps - 85% effort
B. Power Snatch: 8 x 1; rest 2-3 min - 70-80%1RM
C. GHD Raises: 3 x 6-8; rest 90 sec

Notes: woke up feeling good after a good night's sleep. Got to the gym and hit some BB warm-up while also mobilizing the hips and shoulders.  Focus on the power clean for the day was getting the bar back, staying under my own center, and moving the bar around me (I tend to throw myself into the bar to make contact).  Power cleans felt a little heavy warming up, but they started feeling better as I got into the third or fourth minute.  

Power snatches were off today.  Shoulders were fatigued but my pull was off.  I was leaning back and throwing the bar out, instead of dropping my hips and extending up.  I think I have the gist of how it should feel now.  I will give it a go on Friday.  

GH raises went well.  Finally understanding that I need to drive my glutes forward as I contract the hamstrings.

PM Training:
Row 500m@85%/rest 2 min x 9

Notes: Didn't have much time to warm-up for my row workout so I got right to work.  Was able to hold a consistent pace for all sets though it was definitely mentally grueling.  Quads were very fatigued during this, though lungs and heart rate felt good.  Man this sucked.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Training: 12/3/2013

HRV: 95 (-4/green)
HR: 54

Gymnastic skill practice ~10-20' in warmup - your choice.
Time: 6:01
15 min @85%:
AD 25 cals
1 Rope Climb
10 No Pushup Burpee Box Jump-Overs 20"
Result: 6 rounds + 25 Cals + 1 Rope Climb

Notes: Felt pretty good waking up today.  Was little sore in the shoulders from yesterday but other than that, I was ready to train.  Got to the gym and made sure to warm-up my thoracic, shoulders, and lats thoroughly.  Practied the movements before hand, and then got to work.  Goal was to go unbroken on all movements.  HSPU were a little shaky today.  I think my shoulders are still a little fatigued from Saturday's training.  CTB felt light years better than last week.  Kept my elbows in, and kept the back angle constant.  Felt really effortless.  Fell off the wall a couple of times.  I think I overextend my back instead of extending my hips.  

AMRAP felt good.  Kept a steady pace and made sure not to get to slow on burpee box jump overs.  Cooled down with a 15min stretching routine that I plan on hitting from here on.

Training: 12/2/2013

HRV: 99 (+3/green)
HR: 53

AM Training:
A. C&J: build to a heavy single
B. BB Jump Squats: 5 x 6 @10X0, rest 75 sec
C. Back Squats w/bands: 10 x 1 @20X0, 60%(bar weight); rest 75 sec
notes-explode up

Notes: Felt pretty good getting up this morning.  Got to the gym and warmed up the clean and jerk along with hitting dynamic mobility in between tech sets.  I was throwing the bar out a bit, but I felt pretty strong.  Hit 275, and then jumped to 295 but I was bumping the bar out, so I couldn't catch it right.  Tried it a few times, then moved onto jumping back squats before I smoked my CNS.  Went a little heavier than last week on the jump squats.  Tried to speed up at the top.  Last was the banded single back squats.  Used two KBs this week to anchor the bands in order to obtain more tension.  Though the bands were a little uneven, I felt I was getting the stimulus of driving my hips through.  The one set back to banded squats is that I feel very forward when driving up.  I went back after and tinkered around with my pull in the clean.  I figured out I was bringing my hips into the bar instead of dropping my hips and continuing up, bringing the bar with me.  Hit a solid 285 clean (ugly jerk) but knew this was a step in the right direction.

12 min Versa-Climber HICT - high tension, HR~150-155
--2 min recovery--
12 min Row HICT - damper 10, low SPM, HR~150-155
-2 min recovery--
12 min Versa-Climber HICT - high tension, HR~150-155\

Notes: Completed.  Used new vest with 40lbs..  Unfortunately, I broke the pedal off the versa climber.  My head was getting a little foggy on the last set.  Wonder what that is....

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rest Day: 12/1/2013

HRV: 96 (-2/green)
HR: 55

Notes: Feel good today and excited to get into the phase of my training.  Forearms are feeling better and body feels good all around.