Monday, November 11, 2013

Training: 11/6/2013

HRV: 94 (-5/green)
HR: 58

A. Wodapalooza Complex (3 hang power cleans + 3 front squats + 3 S2O) (245, 267.5(f), 257.5 (f))
B. Strict CTB: 20 Perfect reps (complete in sets of 5)
C1. BB Recline Rows: 3x4-6 @ 30x0; rest 20sec (6x3)
C2. DB Bench Press: 3x10-12 @ 20x0; rest 20sec (60x3)
C3. Wall Balls: 3x35; rest 3min (unbroken x 3)
D. 20 Burpee Muscle Ups For Time (10 reps in 1:56-then stopped)

Notes: Man was today disheartening.  Got a pretty good night's sleep but I had a little anxiety last night so it wasn't the best night's sleep I have ever had.  I felt fired up going to the gym but my forearms and abs were crushed from the previous day's workout.   Built up in the complex but I found the jerks especially tough after the 3 front squats.  It wasn't that my upper body was fatigued but more of the fact that my brain couldn't fire and move my body!

Need to work on front squat to split jerks******

Went after it on 267.5 (missed the first jerk) and 257.5 (missed the final jerk).  I felt completely depleted afterward but pressed forward in the workout.  I was in a time crunch so I buzzed through the CTB but I noticed the collar bones were the contact point, not the sternum.  Moved onto the small circuit and that felt surprisingly good despite the fact that my CNS was fried.  All wall balls unbroken without much breathing trouble.  

Moved on to the burpee muscle ups and 10 reps in my HR was through the roof and I was really having to dig in for a relatively easy movement.  Rather than go to a place that I though would have no benefit for me, I called it.

Not feeling very good after the workout today.  I have a very bad taste in my mouth and I know I am going to have anxiety about this workout until it is over.  Need to remind myself that it is just a workout and it does not define me.....

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