Saturday, November 30, 2013

Training: 11/30/2013

HRV: 98 (-2/green)
HR: 55

20min Skill Work (subbed mobility)
For Time:
25 Muscle Ups
50 Toes To Bar
25 Ring Dips
Time: 12:50

Notes: Felt good going into today's workout.  Forearms felt good and I made sure to get the shoulder, lats, and thoracic mobile.  I practiced each movement ahead of time and made sure to open up any pieces that I felt restricted before getting started.  I broke the HSPU into sets of ten and then quick sets toward the end.  I finished the first 50 in 3:30.  I had to move my camera over to the rings, but I was able to get the 25 done in about 4:30.  Noticed that I was extending through the shoulders much better which allowed access to the hip.  Was rotating through well, but I think I will have to get used to it while bringing the hips lower on the body.  Also, I kipped each of the dips which I believe prevented my triceps from blowing up.  Moved to T2B where I did in 4x10 and then the last set in 6/4.  No real issues here, focus was to pull feet up with as little lat use as possible.  Rings were to low for dips, so I had to fiddle with them for a bit.  All in all I was very happy with the way the movements felt.  Good energy, and body felt very good afterward.

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