Friday, November 29, 2013

Training: 11/26/2013

HRV: 83 (-6/red)
HR: 60

Gymnastic skill practice ~10-20' in warmup - your choice. Please send photo of HS from side and behind.

A. C2B: 20 x 5 unbroken for time (5:56)
10 min @85%:
AD 20 cal
50m Farmer's walk heavy
50m Bear Crawl (narrow as possible)
Result: 3 rounds + 20cals

Notes: Got to the gym and did a little circuit to get warmed-up that included wall balls, burpees, box jumps, and KB Swings.  I then played around with muscle ups and HS holds before moving onto the CTB pullups.  

I haven't done any kipping in weeks and I was a little out of rhythm.  Wasn't get the power I need to get the chest to the bar (breaking a bit from the midline as well?).

***In the following days the pronator on the top of both of my forearms and the inside of my biceps have been really tight and sore and have been keeping me up at night.  I was worried I might have rhabdo but I don't really have any others signs.  I suppose it was just too much too quickly without any build up (as of Friday).

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