Saturday, November 23, 2013

Training: 11/22/2013

HRV: 98 (-3/green)
HR: 54

AM Training:
25min Z1 Airdyne (complete)

PM Training:
A. Back Squats: 10 x 1 @, rest 3 min (10 sec negative - use ~80%RM) (285x2,287.5x2,290x2, 295, 300)
B. RDL: 4 x 5-7 @4010, rest 90 sec (185,205,225)
C1. BB Walking Lunge: 3 x 12 steps, rest 75 sec (185,215,225)

C2. Russian KBS: 3 x 20; rest 100 sec (90lbs.x3)

Notes: Completed the airdyne in the morning after grabbing some breakfast.  I wanted to train really badly over the last few days so this was a real tease.  I have been bored out of my mind not being able to train, but this is what my body needs and it is a mental test to see if I can handle lower training volume.

Felt good warming up for the afternoon training session.  Did a bit of rowing and then dynamic mobility before getting ready for squats.  Made sure my ankle were warm as well as my tight hips.  After a few sets of squats everything was running smoothly.  Squats felt good and I didn't have any discomfort in my lower back or knees.  Hit 10lbs. more than last week on the squats and it was too challenging.  I hope these tempo squats pay dividends later on.

For the RDLs, I have noticed that I end up disconnecting if I go too low.  I decided to cut the movement off right below the knee and keep the lats engaged.  The high hamstring and glute were working hard here with a neutral hip position.

BB lunges were heavier than last week.  I stupidly did my first set on the hard wood and bruised my left knee.  This caused me to do a 2-3 second eccentric each rep and blew my hamstrings and lower glutes up.  KB swings felt good and my focus was to keep my hips neutral while driving with the glutes.  Felt good after the workout and did a little bit of light mobility.

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