Sunday, November 17, 2013

Training: 11/15/2013

HRV: 88 (+2/red)
HR: 60

AM Training:
30min Z1 Airdyne (dismount every 5min and perform 1min of mobility on shoulders)

PM Training:
A. Back Squats: 10 x 1 @, rest 3 min (10 sec negative - use ~77%RM) (277.5x2, 280x2, 282.5x2, 285x3, 290)
B. RDL: 4 x 5-7 @4010, rest 90 sec (185,185,195)
C1. BB Walking Lunge: 3 x 12 steps, rest 75 sec (185,195,205)
C2. Wallballs: 3 x 30 unbroken; rest 100 sec (complete x 3 UB)

Notes: HRV is still out of whack but I got a good night's sleep so I decided to train today.  Hit the AM training at 10am and got my shoulders loose.  Felt okay after this workout. 

Came back and did some personal training in the afternoon before warming up for the second workout at 4pm.  Did some mobility and then built up to my working weight.  Bar felt heavy on the 10sec eccentric, but as I got into it the weight felt lighter.  Built up slightly and was able to hit 290 with good speed on the concentric for the last set.  

Moved onto the RDLs and those felt good.  Worked on keeping the midline stable and not overextending as I got into a vertical position.  Moved to walking lunges and again, worked on keeping the hips neutral and driving through my heel to extend my hip.  Wall balls felt good and I focused on driving the hips through and not over-extending.  Overall felt good before, during, and after the workout.

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