Saturday, November 2, 2013

Training: 10/31/2013

HRV: 80 (-15/amber)
HR: 60

5 rounds**:
20 Wallballs 20lbs
Run 200m
30 DUs
15 Burpees
Row 250m
--rest 5 min b/t rounds--
**do the workout in this order your 1st round. Each following round, change up the order of the exercises. Record time of each round, the order of the exercises, and any limiters noted. (don't simply start on a different exercise each time and go down the list - make a completely different order)

Notes: Wasn't feeling very well going into this workout.  My lungs were still hurting from the mixture of cold air, heavy breathing, and smoke from the competition last weekend.  

Warmed up with a short round of the first 

Wall balls were tough during all sets but they were even more difficult because my quads were still sore from the weekend.  Running felt good and I felt like I could push.  Burpees were consistent throughout though my heart rate did elevate during them.  

I found that when movements were back to back on the quads my heart rate got much higher.  I think this is a limiter in general for me. 
Good amount of lactate production during this workout so I was a bit foggy afterward.  

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