Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Training: 10/7/2013

HRV: 103 (-1/green)
HR: 48

A. Squat Snatch: 1 single every 30 sec for 8 min @75%RM
175lbs (no misses)
B. Squat Snatch: 1 single every 30 sec for 6 min @80%RM
185lbs (1 miss but made up rep)
C. Squat Snatch: 1 single every 30 sec for 4 min @85%RM
200lbs. (bunch of misses)
D. Front Squat: 1 single every 20 sec for 4 min @75%RM (225lbs.-no misses)
notes-warm up the FS before this, rack the bar b/t reps
Row 500m @97%
rest 90 sec in rower

Row 500m @100%
Times: 1:31/1:37

Notes: Didn't eat much in the morning and I was definitely feeling the effects after my warm-up.  My body just wasn't responding and when I got to the third set of snatches I started missing.  I think in general on the day my hips were rising a bit too quickly and this was leaving the bar forward.  Either way, got some good work in.  Moved onto the front squats and I didn't have too much trouble here though again, the brain was not connecting well with the body.  

Moved onto the row repeats and I could tell in the two 200m warm-up sets that I wasn't going to be able to dig deep.  I was just fatigued.  Hit the first mark dead on at 1:31 and then I had a bad fall-off on the second one.  Hurt a bit afterward but not the worst ever.  I will say that being able to do this without my brain being in it is a good sign.

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