Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Training: 10/5/2013

HRV: 105 (+3/green)
HR: 49

For time @100%:
1 sled push high 25m (~180#)

OH lunge 25m (45# plate)

Sprint 50m 

OH lunge 25m (45# plate)

1 sled push low 25m (180#) 6 Tire Flips (460lbs.)
Time: 2:15

-20 min rest

15-12-9 for time @100%:
Time: 2:29
10 min rest

8 min @80%:
Run 200m
10 Ring Dips

10 Wallballs 20#
Result: 4 rounds + 150m Run

Notes: Felt pretty good and got a good night's sleep at my parents place.  Was able to train again at Crossfit Bedford Hills.  Warmed up with some rowing and dynamic stretching before loading up their prowler and heading outside.  Since the driveway they had was a hill, I decided to start by pushing the prowler uphill, hit the lunges, then do tire flips at the top because pushing the prowler downhill was too easy.  Overall the turnover wasn't too high so this didn't that bad.

Rest 15min before hitting the couplet.  Did too many burpees on the first set but the ab burn after the first set was amazing.  Pushed through and went unbroken on all reps.  Finished off with the run/ring dips/wall balls.  No problem here and it felt good to get out and run on some hills in the country.

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