Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Training: 10/21/2013

HRV: 102 (+2/green)
HR: 52

A. Snatch: 6 x 1; rest 2-3 min (175,195,205,175,175)
B. C&J: 6 x 1; rest 3 min (245,255,270,245,245)

C. Front Squat: 3 stage protocol (295,215,245,260, 145 speed sets)
(on A&B, build from 80% to 87-90% by the 4th set, then step back down for the final 2 sets)

Notes: Hit this workout in the afternoon after I went to swim in the ocean in the morning.  I have been leaving the bar out in front recently so I was working on keeping the bar closer.  Apparently since I was leaving my arms stiff, this was preventing the bar from hanging close to my body.  Once I relaxed them, the pull improve drastically.  Lastly, I initiated my pull a little earlier allowing my legs to be the driving force and not the hips bumping the bar out.  Built up to 205 after missing a couple out front.  Went back down to 175 and hit a couple of solid singles.  Mixed in some OHS after catching to simulate the first event on Saturday.

Moved onto clean and jerks and realized my legs were still smoked from the workouts on Friday and Saturday.  I really don't mind at this stage, but I hope to have my legs back under me by Saturday.

Clean and jerks felt good though I have to remember to keep my arms more relaxed during the jerk portion.  Front squats felt good though my legs were tired.  Hit a solid single and then some tough drop sets.  

Hit some spinal decompression and ankle mobility after my workout.

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