Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OPTathlon 2013

HRV: 91 (-9/amber)
HR: 56

Event #1:
In 10min:
Max Clean and Jerk (285)

Event #2
In three attempts:
Max standing triple jump (26'4")

Event #3
500m Row
rest 90sec on rower
500m Row
Results: 132.1/132.1

Event #4
3min AMRAP:
1 CnJ @ 60% of Max CnJ (170)
3 No Jump Burpees
2 CnJ
Result: 40

Event #5
In 3 attempts:
Reverse Shot Toss (38'10")

Event #6
3k Run
Time: 11:51

Notes: Weighed 175lbs. this morning.  Had trouble getting to sleep and for that reason I wasn't 100% sharp waking up.  I knew this would effect my CnJ but I was hoping for something over what I did last year (280).  I hit 285 and then missed 295 (couldn't stand with clean), and also 290.  I was definitely frustrated after this but I knew there was a lot more to go.

Moved onto the triple jump after about an hour rest.  I haven't been able to practice the triple jump because it bothers my knees.  I warmed up with some bounding, then hit a few practice attempts before going for 3 scored attempts.  My third and final attempt was my farthest which tied last years mark.

After warming up with bounding, I made sure to hit 2x300m row sprints to get the lactate pumping for the row repeats.  Last year I went 1:33 x 2 so I wanted to hit something better this year.  First 500m went well and I was feeling good.  The question was, how should I attack the second sprint.  I went out faster than the first sprint figuring that I would burn out either way and the money in the bank that I could accumulate in the first 45 seconds could be the difference between a PR and blow up.  During the last 150m I knew I had a PR right in front of me which motivated and pulled me toward the finish line.  I was pretty wrecked for a good 10 minutes after but felt better after walking around and getting some fluids.

The circuit wasn't too bad.  Using 60% of 285 left me at 170lbs. (light relative to a lot of the other competitors.  I was shooting for reps in the 40s and hit it with a second to spare.  Quad fatigue from the rowing was the limiting factor.  

Went onto the reverse shot toss and hit a mark that was over 3 feet farther than last year.

Rested 45 minutes and then went to the track to hit the 3k.  I knew that this was going to hurt, but I was in pretty good spirits and my body was feeling good (much better than the year before at least).  Tried to stay at 1:35 splits for the 400s.  Last 1k was really rough and I was feeling the burn all over my body.  Thankfully my lower back didn't lock up but my heart almost exploded out of my chest.  Dug pretty deep for this one and was happy with the result.

Overall I improved a good amount on the metabolic tests but I need to get stronger.  I think under-eating (especially on protein) may be a contributing factor to my snail-like progress in my strength component.  I will track this over the next couple of weeks.

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