Thursday, October 17, 2013

OC Throwdown Workout #1

HRV: 94 (-7/amber)
HR: 57

OC Throwdown Online Qualifier Workout #1
14min AMRAP:
10 HR Bar Hopping Burpees
15 HR Deadlifts
20 Wall Balls
Reps: 237

Notes: Couldn't get to sleep last night in anticipation for the workout.  I got a few hours of sleep here and there so I didn't feel completely wasted but my brain wasn't sharp.

Got to the gym and did a bit of mobility, ran through the movements for one round and then got to work.  For me the result of this workout was already decided based on what my current aerobic power is.  For 14 minutes, and very simple movements its just about staying at that 90% and seeing how much you have left in the last 2 minutes.  I am very happy with the fact that my lower back held up nicely in this workout.  Three movements that tax the spinal erectors didn't really bother until the final couple rounds but it was all that bad.  Don't know how much more I had on this workout, though I failed the last rep after not bringing the bar back down from the top.  I am thankful that this workout is done with.

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