Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Iron Curtain IV

Event #1:
5RM OHS (must start from snatch, area is 4'x4'

Result: 225lbs.

I think I got an hour of sleep last night but I was relaxed in total darkness for 9 hours. Counting the breaths of my girlfriend helped me fall asleep.
It was 58 degrees Saturday morning so getting warm was a bit of a challenge. Got up to 185lbs. in the pits then went out at 205. Hit that, then rested a minute for trying 225lbs. (my previous best). Hit it the first time, barely inbounds and squatted it 4 times for a 5RM of 225lbs.. Happy with that so cut it there.

Event #2:
AMRAP 14min:
3 Rope Climbs 15' *
10 Deadlifts (315/213; belts are ok)
20 Handstand Push-ups (36" wide, head to floor both men & women)
30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
40 One Arm Dumbbell Snatches (55/35; total reps)
550 m Run

Result: 1 round + 3 RC + 10 DL + 20 HSPU + 30 BJO + 17 Snatches

Was not feeling good before this event. Energy was low and felt lethargic. Didn't do caffeine before this one because I didn't want my heart rate to elevate though the mood effect that caffeine has on me made me question my logic. No problem on the first set of rope climbs but deadlifts were pretty heavy. Solid plates so almost no bounce off the ground, but went unbroken. Unbroken on HSPU though I paused a couple of times to allow for my HR to go back down. I was a bit behind after this but I knew I would make up ground on the box jump overs and run. BJOs were fast and was caught up quickly before the snatches. Snatches weren't too bad though they had my HR jacked. Headed out the door with 4 people ahead of me but I soon caught and passed each one of them. Got back inside and went right to work on the rope climbs though I was already red lined and had 6 minutes left in the workout. Back to deads where they were much heavier than last time. Couldn't get my hips down at this point and my back started to lock a bit. Went two sets on HSPU because of tricep fatigue and then moved to the BJO. I didn't have a number to shoot for so I just churned away and milked the clock for all it was worth. Every set of BJO sent my heart rate through the roof all over again. Just had to deal with the pain. Got 17 DB snatches to finish and placed 4th on the workout. I was crushed afterward and wondered if I smoked my back for good. I was really fatigued too and afraid that I had blown my load for the day. Fortunately, after lying down on the shade and taking in some carbs I was feeling MUCH better and my spirits started to turn.
Event #3:
"Lift up Luke"
5min AMRAP:
4 Power Cleans (155lbs.)
24 Double Unders
10 Pullups
Result: 5 rounds + 4 Power Cleans
I felt very confident going into this workout with the worst behind me and weights feeling light in warm-up. I was placed 10m away from the pullup rig so walking over after double unders took 5-7seconds both ways. This cost me at least 30seconds in the workout that was only 5 minutes long. Finished in 10th place, but 3rd place was only ten reps ahead of me (on double unders). Just the luck of the draw I suppose, but I didn't let it effect me.
Event #4:
7min AMRAP:
5x12' HS Walk
50 Wall Balls
AMRAP Muscle Ups
Result: 24 muscle ups
I was fired up for this one and I knew the only limiter would be how my triceps would feel after the volume before. Unbroken on HS walks and two sets on wall balls so I didn't fry my triceps. Only one miss at the end going for 25 reps. Didn't really have a number to shoot for but finished 3rd on the workout
Event 5:
10min AMRAP:
Thrusters 135lbs. (5 burpees EMOM)
Result: 66 reps
On paper, I knew that this workout would be horrible, and that I was at no advantage on something like heavy thrusters, but recently my mind has changed on them with the cycle we did with front squats. Was thinking about doing 10s for as long as I could, but reduced to 7 in the pits after some warm-up sets. I was able to hold 7 for the first 7 minutes, then went 6,4 and 7 on the last (no rep on the 8th). I won this event and it sent me from 5th to 3rd and a spot on the podium. I was in tears after scrolling down and seeing my name in third. I couldn't have been happier with the way things went.
I know there is work to be done. I want to push the number up on my squat and deadlift and olympic lifts in the next 6 months but metabolically and skill wise, I think I can hang now. Well, I think the 100s type workouts are still suck-fests for me too, that needs to get better (ie lower back endurance). I am thinking of starting back up on Wednesday for real (tomorrow some more active recovery).

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