Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rest Days: 10/27/2013-10/29/2013

Taking a few days rest to get my body back in order.  Looking to get back in the gym in Wednesday.

Iron Curtain IV

Event #1:
5RM OHS (must start from snatch, area is 4'x4'

Result: 225lbs.

I think I got an hour of sleep last night but I was relaxed in total darkness for 9 hours. Counting the breaths of my girlfriend helped me fall asleep.
It was 58 degrees Saturday morning so getting warm was a bit of a challenge. Got up to 185lbs. in the pits then went out at 205. Hit that, then rested a minute for trying 225lbs. (my previous best). Hit it the first time, barely inbounds and squatted it 4 times for a 5RM of 225lbs.. Happy with that so cut it there.

Event #2:
AMRAP 14min:
3 Rope Climbs 15' *
10 Deadlifts (315/213; belts are ok)
20 Handstand Push-ups (36" wide, head to floor both men & women)
30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
40 One Arm Dumbbell Snatches (55/35; total reps)
550 m Run

Result: 1 round + 3 RC + 10 DL + 20 HSPU + 30 BJO + 17 Snatches

Was not feeling good before this event. Energy was low and felt lethargic. Didn't do caffeine before this one because I didn't want my heart rate to elevate though the mood effect that caffeine has on me made me question my logic. No problem on the first set of rope climbs but deadlifts were pretty heavy. Solid plates so almost no bounce off the ground, but went unbroken. Unbroken on HSPU though I paused a couple of times to allow for my HR to go back down. I was a bit behind after this but I knew I would make up ground on the box jump overs and run. BJOs were fast and was caught up quickly before the snatches. Snatches weren't too bad though they had my HR jacked. Headed out the door with 4 people ahead of me but I soon caught and passed each one of them. Got back inside and went right to work on the rope climbs though I was already red lined and had 6 minutes left in the workout. Back to deads where they were much heavier than last time. Couldn't get my hips down at this point and my back started to lock a bit. Went two sets on HSPU because of tricep fatigue and then moved to the BJO. I didn't have a number to shoot for so I just churned away and milked the clock for all it was worth. Every set of BJO sent my heart rate through the roof all over again. Just had to deal with the pain. Got 17 DB snatches to finish and placed 4th on the workout. I was crushed afterward and wondered if I smoked my back for good. I was really fatigued too and afraid that I had blown my load for the day. Fortunately, after lying down on the shade and taking in some carbs I was feeling MUCH better and my spirits started to turn.
Event #3:
"Lift up Luke"
5min AMRAP:
4 Power Cleans (155lbs.)
24 Double Unders
10 Pullups
Result: 5 rounds + 4 Power Cleans
I felt very confident going into this workout with the worst behind me and weights feeling light in warm-up. I was placed 10m away from the pullup rig so walking over after double unders took 5-7seconds both ways. This cost me at least 30seconds in the workout that was only 5 minutes long. Finished in 10th place, but 3rd place was only ten reps ahead of me (on double unders). Just the luck of the draw I suppose, but I didn't let it effect me.
Event #4:
7min AMRAP:
5x12' HS Walk
50 Wall Balls
AMRAP Muscle Ups
Result: 24 muscle ups
I was fired up for this one and I knew the only limiter would be how my triceps would feel after the volume before. Unbroken on HS walks and two sets on wall balls so I didn't fry my triceps. Only one miss at the end going for 25 reps. Didn't really have a number to shoot for but finished 3rd on the workout
Event 5:
10min AMRAP:
Thrusters 135lbs. (5 burpees EMOM)
Result: 66 reps
On paper, I knew that this workout would be horrible, and that I was at no advantage on something like heavy thrusters, but recently my mind has changed on them with the cycle we did with front squats. Was thinking about doing 10s for as long as I could, but reduced to 7 in the pits after some warm-up sets. I was able to hold 7 for the first 7 minutes, then went 6,4 and 7 on the last (no rep on the 8th). I won this event and it sent me from 5th to 3rd and a spot on the podium. I was in tears after scrolling down and seeing my name in third. I couldn't have been happier with the way things went.
I know there is work to be done. I want to push the number up on my squat and deadlift and olympic lifts in the next 6 months but metabolically and skill wise, I think I can hang now. Well, I think the 100s type workouts are still suck-fests for me too, that needs to get better (ie lower back endurance). I am thinking of starting back up on Wednesday for real (tomorrow some more active recovery).

Training: 10/25/2013

HRV: 94 (+1/green)
HR: 54

A. Hang Power Clean: 3x5; rest 60sec (light and fast) (185lbs.)
B. Box Jump Overs: 3x6; rest 30sec (24")

Notes: Stopped by at Crossfit Kingspoint on the way up to the Iron Curtain to hit my workout.  Felt good to get out of the car and move around.  Bar felt light and my body felt good.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Training: 10/24/2013

HRV: 92 (+5/amber)
HR: 58

A. OHS: Build to Moderate 5 (195lbs.)
B. HSPU: 3x15; rest 30sec
Row 2k @ 85% (7:22)
-rest 3min
Run 1mile @ 85% (6:33)
-rest 3min
Airdyne 5min @ 85% (110cals)

Notes: Took yesterday off because my HRV was red.  Today it was amber so I decided to train.  I have been having low HRV numbers all week and its most likely from the building anxiety of competing this weekend.  Felt good warming up and I was excited to train.  Made sure to warm-up my shoulder and wrists well before getting into overhead squats.  Need to make sure to lock the elbows out in the OHS and let the shoulders sink in.  HSPU felt great today.  Need to keep the knees close to the chest during the kip.

Moved onto the aerobic work and started on the 2k row.  Held between a 1:50 and 1:52 and kept it at 85%.  Run felt good as well, though my legs were pretty shot from the row.  Finished off on the airdyne and hit right around 22cals/min.  Felt like I could go another gear on all of the modalities which is a good sign for Saturday.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rest Day: 10/23/2013

HRV: 87 (-5/red)
HR: 61

Notes: Had some major anxiety issues last night while in bed.  I totally psyched myself out.  It is amazing how powerful the mind is to keep me up at night.  I wish I could just shut my mind off and go to sleep.

Training: 10/22/2013

HRV: 92 (-10/amber)
HR: 57

A. Alt EMOM for 20 min:
odd - 2 Strict C2B
even - 12' HS Walk
B. Rotate EMOM for 9 min: (3 x thru)
min 1 - 50 DUs
min 2 - 15 KBS 53lbs

min 3 - 15 Box Jumps 20"

Unbroken on all HS walks and C2B felt good.  Need to warm-up shoulder thoroughly before the events on Saturday so I am not fighting myself with mobility restrictions.  Second emom felt good though KB Swings are just slow and painful.

Felt like I got a good night's sleep last night.  Maybe I having an underlying cold?  Maybe under-eating on carbs effecting my sleep.  I have been waking up at 3am each of the last couple nights and not getting to bed for a few hours.  I will up the carbs later in the day to see if that helps. 

Training: 10/21/2013

HRV: 102 (+2/green)
HR: 52

A. Snatch: 6 x 1; rest 2-3 min (175,195,205,175,175)
B. C&J: 6 x 1; rest 3 min (245,255,270,245,245)

C. Front Squat: 3 stage protocol (295,215,245,260, 145 speed sets)
(on A&B, build from 80% to 87-90% by the 4th set, then step back down for the final 2 sets)

Notes: Hit this workout in the afternoon after I went to swim in the ocean in the morning.  I have been leaving the bar out in front recently so I was working on keeping the bar closer.  Apparently since I was leaving my arms stiff, this was preventing the bar from hanging close to my body.  Once I relaxed them, the pull improve drastically.  Lastly, I initiated my pull a little earlier allowing my legs to be the driving force and not the hips bumping the bar out.  Built up to 205 after missing a couple out front.  Went back down to 175 and hit a couple of solid singles.  Mixed in some OHS after catching to simulate the first event on Saturday.

Moved onto clean and jerks and realized my legs were still smoked from the workouts on Friday and Saturday.  I really don't mind at this stage, but I hope to have my legs back under me by Saturday.

Clean and jerks felt good though I have to remember to keep my arms more relaxed during the jerk portion.  Front squats felt good though my legs were tired.  Hit a solid single and then some tough drop sets.  

Hit some spinal decompression and ankle mobility after my workout.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Rest Day: 10/20/2013

HRV: 101 (+7/green)
HR: 54

Notes: going to hit a little BB work and mobility.  And eat....a lot.

Training: 10/19/2013

HRV: 94 (-7/green)
HR: 56

Event 3:
AMR in 5 min:
4 Power Cleans 155lbs
24 DUs
10 Pullups
Result: 5 Rounds  + 3 Power Cleans
--5 min recovery--
AMR in 5 min @85%:
10 Burpees
10 cals AD
Result: 4 rounds + 3 Burpees
--5 min recovery--
Run 150m
Result: 4 rounds
--5 min recovery--

Row 5 min @85%
Result: 1327m

Notes: Worked early today at our 5th annual fight gone bad.  Didn't sleep well the night before so I pushed everything to the evening after eating and taking a nap.  Wasn't feeling it when I woke up but I knew I had to get the work in.  Building up to a tough touch and go power clean I felt my technique was a bit off and that my HR was high for the relative work load.  I kept this into consideration for all the workouts. 

The first workout is the 3rd event at next week's Iron Curtain.  I saw a video on mainsite of Chris Spealler hitting 6 rounds.  With Chris's shortened ROM on all movements, I thought that over 5 rounds would be good.  Limiter here was guts (had to poop) and grip.  I think a bit fresher and better mind send I can get back to the pullups on the round of 6.  The rest of the AMRAPs went well and I found a very nice groove for my kipping HSPU going unbroken on all 4 rounds without much of an issue.  Key was to keep the knees close to the body to prevent me from falling off the wall.  Row felt good at the end holding a 1:52 avg.

My lower back was inflamed going into today's workout but felt better afterward.  Need a solid day's rest.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Training: 10/18/2013

HRV: 102 (+8/green)
HR: 54

AM Training:
3 x 3 slow Snatch Grip Sots Press from behind in warmup (complete)
A. Power Snatch: 3 x; rest 15 sec/3 min (165,175,185)
Deadlift @315lbs
Box Jump-overs 24" 
One Arm DB Snatches/arm 55lbs
Time: 5:58

Notes: Back wasn't feeling too bad today but my butt and hamstrings are really sore.  Made sure to warm-up shoulders, hips, and lower back well before getting into power snatches.  Snatches felt pretty good today though I was a little late on my pull.  I have to get my hips underneath me a little earlier so that I can use my legs to elevated the bar more instead up wipping back with my lower back.  No misses and I was able to hit 185 for 5 reps, something that was a struggle on Tuesday trying for 2.

Moved onto the tester.  Haven't done heavy deadlifts in a while so I didn't know how this would feel.  No real issue with the deadlifts but I definitely felt the effects from the deadlifts in Wednesday's tester.  The snatches definitely get your heart up but I feel comfortable being able to push through on that weight.  Did too many reps a few times but no matter, the effort was there.  Back wasn't too bad afterward.  

PM Training:
Event 4 (game day rules)
In 7 min:
60' HS Walk* - 12' increments, 1st must be done unbroken. 1 Burpee penalty for fractions.
50 Wallballs 20lb

AMRAP MUs in time remaining
Result: 26 Muscle Ups

Notes: Felt pretty good going into this workout and my goal was 30 reps.  Went unbroken on HS walks and then unbroken on the wall balls.  I planned on breaking them up but they felt easy so I decided just to keep going.  Took ten seconds rest and then got to the rings.  A little disappointed that with 4:20 on the clock I couldn't get all 30 reps, but that's life.  I think I was a little too aggressive with my swing and too late with my hips.  I will keep this in mind going forward.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rest Day: 10/17/2013

HRV: 94 (-/green)
HR: 57

Notes: Lower back and but are really sore from the tester yesterday.  Going to the beach today to relax and eat extra food to get my weight back up.  Need a good couple of days coming up as I get geared up for the Iron Curtain next Saturday.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

OC Throwdown Workout #1

HRV: 94 (-7/amber)
HR: 57

OC Throwdown Online Qualifier Workout #1
14min AMRAP:
10 HR Bar Hopping Burpees
15 HR Deadlifts
20 Wall Balls
Reps: 237

Notes: Couldn't get to sleep last night in anticipation for the workout.  I got a few hours of sleep here and there so I didn't feel completely wasted but my brain wasn't sharp.

Got to the gym and did a bit of mobility, ran through the movements for one round and then got to work.  For me the result of this workout was already decided based on what my current aerobic power is.  For 14 minutes, and very simple movements its just about staying at that 90% and seeing how much you have left in the last 2 minutes.  I am very happy with the fact that my lower back held up nicely in this workout.  Three movements that tax the spinal erectors didn't really bother until the final couple rounds but it was all that bad.  Don't know how much more I had on this workout, though I failed the last rep after not bringing the bar back down from the top.  I am thankful that this workout is done with.

Training: 10/15/2013

HRV: 101 (-/green)
HR: 52

20min Power Clean Tech Work
3min AMRAP @ 90%:
7 T2B
7 No-Pushup Burpees
Result: 5 rounds + 7 T2B
-rest 2min
3min AMRAP @ 90%:
45 Double Unders
15 KB Swings

3min Row @ 90%:
Result: 856m

Notes: Thought that the OC Throwdown workout was going to be released today but it was coming out tonight.  Really sore from Saturday so I think it worked out for the better.  Hit a little power clean tech work and then went to the AMRAPs.  Felt good to breath and work out all the kinks.

Training: 10/14/2013

HRV: 101 (-/green)
HR: 51

3 x 3 slow Snatch Grip Sots Press from behind & in front in warmup
10 reps Bridge Stretch @2 sec each (I'll send video)
A. Power Snatch: 4 x 1.1; rest 10 sec/2 min - 85% effort max (175,180,185,185)
B. Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk: 3 x 3+2+1; rest 2 min - moderate (195,205,215)
C. AD 30 sec @97%/rest 2:30' x 3 (cals: 27,28,33)
D. AMRAP in 5 min:
Run 150m

35 DUs
Result: 4 rounds + 75m

Notes: Body was a bit sore, but overall I was feeling good.  Left shin was tight as were my traps.  Didn't do too much mobility because I was too sore.  Power snatches felt a bit off today so I stayed a bit lighter to get solid reps in.  Shoulder complex was good and I felt like I was getting the bar back.  Airdyne sprints went well.  I felt I could keep a very high wattage each time without going too lactic.  The last one hurt though and I was feeling it in my quads during the short tester.  Legs were still dead from Saturday's run.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rest Day: 10/13/2013

HRV: 101 (+10/green)
HR: 51

Notes: Today I start my bulk phase.   I am going to start upping the protein daily and track weight, body comp, sleep etc..

OPTathlon 2013

HRV: 91 (-9/amber)
HR: 56

Event #1:
In 10min:
Max Clean and Jerk (285)

Event #2
In three attempts:
Max standing triple jump (26'4")

Event #3
500m Row
rest 90sec on rower
500m Row
Results: 132.1/132.1

Event #4
3min AMRAP:
1 CnJ @ 60% of Max CnJ (170)
3 No Jump Burpees
2 CnJ
Result: 40

Event #5
In 3 attempts:
Reverse Shot Toss (38'10")

Event #6
3k Run
Time: 11:51

Notes: Weighed 175lbs. this morning.  Had trouble getting to sleep and for that reason I wasn't 100% sharp waking up.  I knew this would effect my CnJ but I was hoping for something over what I did last year (280).  I hit 285 and then missed 295 (couldn't stand with clean), and also 290.  I was definitely frustrated after this but I knew there was a lot more to go.

Moved onto the triple jump after about an hour rest.  I haven't been able to practice the triple jump because it bothers my knees.  I warmed up with some bounding, then hit a few practice attempts before going for 3 scored attempts.  My third and final attempt was my farthest which tied last years mark.

After warming up with bounding, I made sure to hit 2x300m row sprints to get the lactate pumping for the row repeats.  Last year I went 1:33 x 2 so I wanted to hit something better this year.  First 500m went well and I was feeling good.  The question was, how should I attack the second sprint.  I went out faster than the first sprint figuring that I would burn out either way and the money in the bank that I could accumulate in the first 45 seconds could be the difference between a PR and blow up.  During the last 150m I knew I had a PR right in front of me which motivated and pulled me toward the finish line.  I was pretty wrecked for a good 10 minutes after but felt better after walking around and getting some fluids.

The circuit wasn't too bad.  Using 60% of 285 left me at 170lbs. (light relative to a lot of the other competitors.  I was shooting for reps in the 40s and hit it with a second to spare.  Quad fatigue from the rowing was the limiting factor.  

Went onto the reverse shot toss and hit a mark that was over 3 feet farther than last year.

Rested 45 minutes and then went to the track to hit the 3k.  I knew that this was going to hurt, but I was in pretty good spirits and my body was feeling good (much better than the year before at least).  Tried to stay at 1:35 splits for the 400s.  Last 1k was really rough and I was feeling the burn all over my body.  Thankfully my lower back didn't lock up but my heart almost exploded out of my chest.  Dug pretty deep for this one and was happy with the result.

Overall I improved a good amount on the metabolic tests but I need to get stronger.  I think under-eating (especially on protein) may be a contributing factor to my snail-like progress in my strength component.  I will track this over the next couple of weeks.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Training: 10/11/2013

Sotts Press

HRV: 100 (-/green)
HR: 51

30min Shoulder Mobility + Sotts Press from front
6sets Row:
30sec @ 90%
30sec rest
6 sets Run:
30sec @ 90%
30sec rest


Evening Snatch Tech Work

Notes: Changed my workout up a little bit because I had a lifting coach coming in for a try-out.

Moved onto the 30/30 and I am finally feeling confident after a tough week of getting acclimated to my schedule.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rest Day: 10/10/2013

HRV: 100 (-1/green)
HR: 48

Notes: Starting to get back on track with my sleep schedule but I have woken up the last two nights at 3:30am with my stomach groaning.  Going to eat a little bit more carbs (starch) before bed and see if that helps.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Training: 10/9/2013

HRV: 101 (+1/green)
HR: 53

AM Training:
3 rounds For Time:
8 Muscle Ups
32 Wall Balls
Time: 12:26

Notes: Came into the gym still feeling lethargic, but better than yesterday.  I warmed up with the usual mobility and then hit two round of 1/3 the reps of the workout.  I felt in the warm-up sets that I didn't have the push that I normally have and am still feeling the effects of the week of travel and lack of sleep.  Muscle ups felt good, but my HSPU were thrown off a little bit by the fatigue in the triceps.  I also fell of the wall a bunch of times which cost be energy and time.  Wall balls were very broken due to the fatigue in my triceps and shoulders.  I felt better after this workout than coming and I think I finally am over the hump and back into the swing of things.

PM Training:
800m Run
-rest 3min
5 rounds for time:
3 Wall Walks
1 Legless Rope Climb (15')
6 KB Swings (90lbs.)
800m #1-2:51
5 RFT-6:19
800m #2-2:52

Notes: Got some food in me after my first workout and rested at home for a bit before heading back to the gym and warming up for both the runs and KB swings.  Made sure my hips were good and warm and my shoulders were open so I could get the KB back over my head on the swings.  First 800m felt good and I was able to keep it at 85% and still have a good time.  The 5 rounds for time wasn't too bad though the wall walks were fatiguing and made my heart rate shoot up.  Happy with how my upper body felt overall after all the of the AM work.  Dug a little on the last 800m but I was able to recover pretty quickly.  Happy with how these felt after all of the wall balls earlier.

Training: 10/8/2013

HRV: 100 (-3/green)
HR: 52

1k Row @ 85%
rest same time as it took
1. 3:39.7
2. 3:39.4
3. 3:38.1
4: 3:37.4

Notes: God did I feel awful going into the gym.  Just had no motivation to train so I took it at 85% and just pushed through and by the end I was feeling a bit better than before I started.  Hit some mobility afterward.  Hopefully I will get a good night's sleep for the double tomorrow.

Training: 10/7/2013

HRV: 103 (-1/green)
HR: 48

A. Squat Snatch: 1 single every 30 sec for 8 min @75%RM
175lbs (no misses)
B. Squat Snatch: 1 single every 30 sec for 6 min @80%RM
185lbs (1 miss but made up rep)
C. Squat Snatch: 1 single every 30 sec for 4 min @85%RM
200lbs. (bunch of misses)
D. Front Squat: 1 single every 20 sec for 4 min @75%RM (225lbs.-no misses)
notes-warm up the FS before this, rack the bar b/t reps
Row 500m @97%
rest 90 sec in rower

Row 500m @100%
Times: 1:31/1:37

Notes: Didn't eat much in the morning and I was definitely feeling the effects after my warm-up.  My body just wasn't responding and when I got to the third set of snatches I started missing.  I think in general on the day my hips were rising a bit too quickly and this was leaving the bar forward.  Either way, got some good work in.  Moved onto the front squats and I didn't have too much trouble here though again, the brain was not connecting well with the body.  

Moved onto the row repeats and I could tell in the two 200m warm-up sets that I wasn't going to be able to dig deep.  I was just fatigued.  Hit the first mark dead on at 1:31 and then I had a bad fall-off on the second one.  Hurt a bit afterward but not the worst ever.  I will say that being able to do this without my brain being in it is a good sign.

Rest Day: 10/6/2013

HRV: 104 (-1/green)
HR: 51

Notes: Late night in the city and only got 5 hours sleep.  Feel like crap.

Training: 10/5/2013

HRV: 105 (+3/green)
HR: 49

For time @100%:
1 sled push high 25m (~180#)

OH lunge 25m (45# plate)

Sprint 50m 

OH lunge 25m (45# plate)

1 sled push low 25m (180#) 6 Tire Flips (460lbs.)
Time: 2:15

-20 min rest

15-12-9 for time @100%:
Time: 2:29
10 min rest

8 min @80%:
Run 200m
10 Ring Dips

10 Wallballs 20#
Result: 4 rounds + 150m Run

Notes: Felt pretty good and got a good night's sleep at my parents place.  Was able to train again at Crossfit Bedford Hills.  Warmed up with some rowing and dynamic stretching before loading up their prowler and heading outside.  Since the driveway they had was a hill, I decided to start by pushing the prowler uphill, hit the lunges, then do tire flips at the top because pushing the prowler downhill was too easy.  Overall the turnover wasn't too high so this didn't that bad.

Rest 15min before hitting the couplet.  Did too many burpees on the first set but the ab burn after the first set was amazing.  Pushed through and went unbroken on all reps.  Finished off with the run/ring dips/wall balls.  No problem here and it felt good to get out and run on some hills in the country.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Training: 10/4/2013

HRV: 103 (+13/green)
HR: 49

A. Push Jerk + Split Jerk: 6 x 2+1; rest 3-4 min (225,245,255,265,275,280)
B. Strict C2B: 2-3 perfect reps EMOM for 12 min (12min)
notes-only good reps w/shoulders back; terminate if unable


PC 205lbs
Time: 2:18

Notes: Got to Crossfit Bedford Hills and met one of the co-owners Mike.  Really good guy and he was gracious enough to share his space with me for a few days.  They have been open since April and have a really great box running.  Man I wish I has something like that in my back yard when I was still living in Westchester.  

Warmed up with my usual routine and I was feeling surpassingly good.  No hang-over from sleeping on an air mattress but my knees were a little creaky.  Push jerks were feeling good today.  I am finally grasping how the jerk should feel.  Driving with the legs as hard as you can and then quickly retreating the hips as you pull the bar back with the upper back and lock out the arms.  Very happy with the weights I hit today.

I finally had a breakthrough with my strict CTB pullups.  I have always tried to pull straight under the bar with the strict CTB pullups.  Today I followed more of an arching motion and was able to get my chest to the bar without my shoulders slumping forward.

Tester was good tough my power clean technique was a bit off.  Happy with the pace I was able to push.

Rest Day: 10/3/2013

HRV: 90 (-6/amber)
HR: 58

Notes: Couldn't get to sleep last night.  Pre-travel anxiety I suppose.  Heading back up to New York for the first time in two years.  I will be training at Crossfit Bedford Hills.  Can't wait.

Training 10/2/2013

HRV: 96 (+4/green)
HR: 54

AM Training:
Row 500m @90%/rest as long as it took you x 10

-5 min block rest b/t rds 5 & 6.
Result: Avg.=1:44.5, 29 s/m
1. 1:45.6
2. 1:45.2
3. 1:44.4
4. 1:44.2
5. 1:43.8
6. 1:44.4
7. 1:44.1
8. 1:43.7
9. 1:43.3
10. 1:42.9

Notes: Was not looking forward to this workout but I knew I had to put forth a good effort in order to continue my growth on the rower.  Warmed up with a 5min row and then a little bit of dynamic mobility.  The leg pain really started on the 3rd set and it got bit worse on the last couple of sets before the 5min break.  From there I tried to go negative splits for the remaining sets.  Was hurting a bit on the last set but recovered within a few minutes.  Happy to be done with this workout and that I was able to hold better splits than last week.

PM Training:
AMRAP in 7 min:
1 No Ft Rope Climb to 15'
5 Sandbag C&J - ~100lbs
50 DUs
--4 min recovery--
4 rft:
10 Squat Clean Thrusters 135lbs
15 T2B
20 Box Jumps 20"
Time: 12:27

Notes: I felt pretty good warming up, but I could definitely feel that the morning training combined with the training earlier in the week effected me.  As soon as I started the first workout, my heart rate skyrocketed and I was struggling to press forward without relining.  I took my time a got through the first workout.  Was squat cleaning the first set of sandbag clean and jerks but then decided to power clean afterward.

Second workout, I broke up the thrusters even though I think I could have done some larger unbroken sets.  I think this was a good idea because even though I wanted to quit after the first round, I was able to chip away and stay with it.  I was happy I had good push towards the end and gave a solid effort overall.  I am happy that 135lb. thrusters aren't much of an issue for me anymore.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Training: 10/1/2013

HRV: 92 (-9/amber)
HR: 56

15 min DROM warmup
HICT Row: 25 min (5939m, 2:06.2, 16 s/m)
notes-low SR/damper 10, HR 150-158bpm
Triple Jump practice
HS Walk practice - set up mats or something as obstacle course

Body Row to Bar: 5 x 2-3 tough reps @30X1, rest 90 sec

Notes: I think the lactate intervals from the day before effected my sleep because I slept like crap.  Since I only had some recovery row work, I hit the row as programmed, did 10 minutes of HS walk practice and then went to chiropractor for some soft tissue work.  Felt tired all day.


HRV: 102 (-1/green)
HR: 51

AM Training:
A. Back Squat: build to a heavy single (350)
B. Snatch Balance: 5 x 1; rest 90 sec - moderate wts, fast. (165,185,205,225,225 (f))

C. Snatch: amrap in 4 min, 190lbs (12 reps)

Notes: Felt a bit tired today as it was Monday and its always tough for me to get fired up on Monday.  Built up to 350 on the back squat which is 10lbs. under my PR.  I am pretty happy with this since our focus in training has shifted to more of capacity and lactate work than getting stronger.  If I can hold onto the strength gains that I have accomplished while also getting more aerobically fit, I will be ready for the upcoming competitions.  Snatch balances have been feeling better and better week to week and my shoulder mobility is definitely improving.  Of course, my upper back strength and stability has also gotten better.  Very happy with how the snatches in the AMRAP felt.  No misses, no bobbles, just strong pulls and solid catches.  May have been able to push the pace a little more, but I haven't gotten all that much exposure to this, so I didn't know what to expect.

PM Training:
3 rounds @95%:
amrap unbroken MUs
15 TnG Power Snatch 75lbs
20 Burpees
15 cals AD

rest 10 min b/t rounds actively
Times: 3:00, 3:01, 2:58 (10 muscle ups in all sets)

Notes: Haven't done something like this in a long time.  Warmed up with mobility and then hit one interval at high intensity with 60% of the reps.  First set was okay though my snatches felt off.  Second set hurt a little bit more than the first but the snatches felt better.  last set felt the best in terms of movement of the three but hurt the worst after.  I had heart burn and a headache afterward.  Might have eaten too close to this workout.  Overall happy with the work output for the three sets.