Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Training: 9/9/2013

HRV: Not working

AM Training:
A. Squat Clean: 1 Every 30sec x 7min (225-255)
B. Back Squat: 3 Stage Protocol (335,235,255,285,167.5x2)
C. Body Rows to Bar: 2-3 EMOM @ 20x1 x 6min (complete feet elevated)

Notes: I was in a good state of mind going into training today, but my legs were still a little tired.  Form felt good on the squats cleans and I only missed one at the end because my brain was pretty toast.  Focus was getting the elbows around without changing the torso angle on the catch.  Back squats felt good and I capped it at 335 and dropped down for moderate doubles as per written in my training protocol.  No issues with the body rows and I did them with my feet elevated on 2x45lb. plates and one 25lb. plate.

PM Training:
50 Box Jumps 30" (step down)
50 KB Swings 70lbs
75 T2B
75 DB Thrusters 45lbs/hand 50lbs.
Time: 21:32

Notes: Got to the gym at 3pm and warmed up for 25 minutes with a mix of running, mobility, and hitting the movements in the workout at submaximal intensity.  I thought this workout would take about 12 minutes, boy was I wrong there.  Box jumps were methodical and took about 3 minutes to finish but my left-lower back started to tighten.  From there, the KB swings further tightened my back and got me really working hard.  Haven't had too much exposure to kb swings recetly and they have been really working me.  T2B were good breaking into small sets with low rest.  I had a bit of an interruption during the T2B but I thought I handled it well and continued to press forward.  Moved onto the DB thrusters and that's where things got really rough.  I had constructed 45lb. DBs out of 40s with some gaffer tape before the workout.  I dropped the DBs on the second set and the plates popped off.  I traded them out with 50lb. DBs and continued on with the workout.  I think it took me around 9 minutes to complete the 75 thrusters hitting larger sets and taking longer rests so I didn't have to pick them back up each time.

Each set caused my heart rate to skyrocket and my breathing to increase a lot.  I wanted to quit about 20 reps in and started making every excuse that it was okay to call it.  I kept chipping away however and got it done.  Man that was horrible.

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