Friday, September 6, 2013

Training: 9/4/2013

HRV: 99 (+4/green)
HR: 52

AM Training:
Snatch 135lbs
Bar Muscle Ups

Notes: Felt good this morning.  Got to the gym and warmed-up with a heavy single in the snatch before dropping down for some touch and go triples to prep for the workout.  Hit 210 in 4 reps (145,165,195,210) and then did 115, 145, 165 for touch and goes.  Didn't have a real plan going into the tester other than keeping it at 90 percent.  Limiter here was definitely heart rate and pain.  I definitely felt that I could move quickly but it came at the cost of feeling some severe pain.  I haven't done a workout like this in quite some time so it took a little while to realize that I could keep moving while at such a high heart rate.  I was happy with the effort during this training session.

PM Training
5 rounds:
12 TnG Push Presses
1 No Ft Rope Climb to 15'
15 KB Swings 70lbs

rest 2 min b/t rds.
1. 1:02
2. 1:01
3. 1:00
4. 1:10
5. 1:08

Notes: Didn't take long to warm-up for this workout.  Did some lower intensity work, mobility, and then got to work.  Grip was the limiter after the 3rd set as the kettlebell was almost impossible to grip.  Frustrated after this training session because my lower back tightened up but realizing after that this was a grip tester, I felt a little less frustrated.

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