Sunday, September 29, 2013

Training: 9/27/2013

HRV: 101 (+4/green)
HR: 50

Workout #1
A. Reverse Shot Toss - practice (39')
B. Push Jerk + Split Jerk: 5 x 3+1; rest 3-4 min (215, 235, 250, 255, 260)
C. Strict C2B: 2-3 perfect reps EMOM for 12 min (8 minutes)

notes-only good reps w/shoulders back; terminate if unable

Notes: got a lousy night's sleep but I wanted to get this workout in.  I wanted to train.  Got to the gym and warmed up with he shot reverse shot toss progressing in intensity while also hitting some mobility.  Moved onto the jerk complex.  Push jerks have always been a goat of mine but they have been improving a lot since my mobility has gotten better.  Focus needs to be on pulling the bar back with my upper back while locking out the triceps.  Straight down straight up.  Last jerk felt good.  Kept the head neutral the entire time.  Got through 8 minutes of the CTB and then called it as my shoulders started to get into a sloppy position.

Workout #2
On a 12 min clock:
Row 750m
25 Squat Cleans 225lbs

amrap DUs in remaining time
Result: 750m Row + 25 Squat Cleans + 0 Double Unders

Notes: Warmed up with a 1k row and then built up to a heavy triple clean.  Focus for this workout was to pace the cleans from the beginning so I could push the pace on the last few reps.  I wanted to have 1 minute left for the double unders but a late miss put the kabosh on that idea.  Row was 2:45 and I got to the bar at about 3:05 after pulling my knee sleeves up and strapping on my belt.  This also gave me time to catch my breath.  Cleans felt good, just caught a clean too far back and that through me off.  With my legs not feeling great I am happy to finish the 25 cleans in under 9 minutes.

Workout #3
Row 7 min @Z1
Sprint Row 200m@97%/rest 4:30' x 8
rest 10 min b/t sets 4&5
1. :34.4
2. :34.3
3. :34.4
4. :34.0
5. :34.5
6. :34.1
7. :33.9
8. :33.9

10 min easy run to flush

Notes: Felt pretty good going into this last workout despite the fact that I wasn't looking forward to the pain of rowing 200m.  Ate a little too close to hitting the repeats so I was having heart burn also.  CNS was not fresh so I knew it wouldn't hurt too much but the last rep of each of the two sets hurt a bit.  More in my head than in my gut or legs.  Happy when this one was over and ate like a champ afterward.

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