Friday, September 27, 2013

Training: 9/25/2013

HRV: 96 (-7/green)
HR: 54

AM Training:
5min Z1 Row
8 sets:
500m @ 90%
rest exact time it took
1. 1:45.3
2. 1:44.6
3. 1:44.5
4. 1:44.4
5. 1:45.1
6. 1:43.3
7. 1:44.9
8. 1:44.2

Notes: First few sets I used to feel out the stroke and pace that I wanted to hold.  Legs were a little sore from the day before also.  Held a solid pace and was able to keep good rhythm in my stroke from set to set.  No problems recovering afterward.

PM Training:
30 Muscle Ups For Time
Time: 3:31
10min Recovery
10min AMRAP:
10 Fat Grip Pullups
15 KB Swings (32kg)
Result: 2+5 pHSPU + 10 Pullups

Notes: Haven't done 30 MU for time in over 6 months so I was very interested to see what I would be able to hit here.  My kip has gotten much better and I have been getting some touches on them.  My goal was sub 3min and I was on pace for it but my arms just died out a little in the last minute.  I was still very happy with my time hitting a 1:20 PR.  Took some time to recover and then went fairly deliberately through the AMRAP.  Small sets on the HSPU and singles on the fat grip pullups.  Broke up the KB Swings throughout.  Might be sore tomorrow!

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