Thursday, September 26, 2013

Training: 9/24/2013

HRV: 104 (+16/green)
HR: 47

AM Training:
A. Clean and Jerk: Build to Heavy Single; then 5x1 @ 80% of A; rest 3min (290,235)
B. Back Squat w/ Chains: 6x2; rest 2min (235lbs. + 80lbs. in chains)
C. Jerk Dip Squats: 2x5; rest 90sec (285, 315)

Notes: Feeling a little tired this morning but body felt good.  Built up to 290 on the clean and jerk and called it there.  This was a 5lb. personal best and didn't really feel too bad.  Rather than push it, I decided to stop on a technically sound rep and get my drop down sets in.  Went too heavy last week on the back squats with chains as I was grinding reps out.  Kept it lighter and focused on speed.  Went heavier than last week on the jerk dip squats.  Need to hammer that jerk down!

PM Training:
5min Z1 Row
8 sets:
150m @ 97%
rest 4:30
Time: 1. 24.9 - 8. 23.2
10min Cooldown

Notes: Hit this workout in the afternoon.  Workout wasn't too bad.  25sec isn't too bad but a little longer and things get awfully dicey.  Ended up with about 18 strokes each interval but I think with the damper on 7 I can go a bit faster.  Range from just under 25 to 23 seconds.

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