Saturday, September 21, 2013

Training: 9/21/2013

HRV: 103 (+1/green)
HR: 49

60min Max Distance Row
(Peak HR and Avg. HR recorded)
Distance: 15,045m
Avg. HR: 169 BPM
Max: 186 BPM

Notes: Man was I nervous going into this workout.  I have done the 60min max row two times prior to today's attempt and I have never made it through all 60min.  I was determined to make it through today.

I did a 5min row to warm-up and then hit some mobility on the hips and high hamstrings.  Plan going in was to really pace the first 10min and ease my way into the 60min.  First ten minutes went well and pace averaged just under 2:00.  Next 10 minutes the pace slowed slightly but I hit my first 5k mark on the 20min button and my heart rate was at 163 BPM.  Took a quick sip of gatorade, wiped off my handle and then got back to work.  The next 15 minutes the pace slowed but I didn't let it get over 2:04.  This is where the mental game kicked in and I mixed up stroke rate and technique to share the tension between the back, legs and hamstrings.  At the 35min mark I really started to reach deep into the stroke and I was able to get a little out of each pull and drop the pace back down to 2:00.  I finally hit the 10k mark just after 40 minutes and I knew I had my goal within my grasp.  I started to quicken the stroke rate to 28 s/m and the breathing rate went up and I got really in the zone.  No pain, just focus.  Really went after it on the last 2k as I knew it would be over soon.  John coached me through negative splits each 500m and I was able to hammer the last 1k in a 1:56 pace.  It felt great to be able to go at 90% for that long and pretty much walk away after surpassing what my original goal was.  I am really happy with this.  

Legs were shaky getting off the rower and my butt was cramped from sitting for an hour but it was well worth it.  Time to eat!

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