Saturday, September 14, 2013

Training: 9/14/2013

HRV: Not Working

10min Z1 Row
1000m Row @ 90%
rest 1:1
1. 3:37.4
2. 3:36.7
3. 3:36.2
4. 3:35.7
5. 3:35.0

Notes: I have decided that my HR strap is tripped out so I am going to get a new one today (thankfully I purchased the warranty).  Felt good waking up but sore in my neck and hips.

Got to the gym and hit the 10min Z1 row and to keep me on the rower I focused on different aspects of my technique and I actually realized a technical flaw.  I wasn't dropping my heels and driving, but rather driving through the balls of my feet.  The pulls felt strong so I stuck with it.  The first 1k was not easy so I knew I was in for a rough going.  During the last 300m of each interval my breathing and heart rate increased but I was able to sustain power output and not fall off (good sign).  Went negative splits on each set and went faster this week than I did last week.  I am definitely feeling more comfortable on the rower.

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