Saturday, September 14, 2013

Training: 9/13/2013

HRV: Not Working

Workout #1 (10am)

A. Snatch Balance: 5 x 2,2,1,1,1; rest 2 min (185,200,215,225,245)
B. Snatch: 5 x 1; rest 3 min - RPE ~85% (185,195,205, 217.5(f),210(f)

Notes: Legs felt good today and energy was good in general. Went through a long shoulder warm-up before the snatch balances.  Wanted to make sure that I could get the bar in the correct position without fighting it with the front of my shoulders.  No misses all the way to 245.  Caught it in the whole and just barely lost it.  Re-racked it and then went again and hit it, making sure to truly catch it in the hole and stand up.  With good confidence and fresh legs, I moved onto snatches.  I didn't miss anything and buried 205 easily.  Went for a PB, then backed off but the pull was just barely off.  I have been fighting the bar since Wednesday when I originally lost my pull.  After some barbell work after things started to click again and I reminded myself that the re-adjustment of the torso occurs from dropping the lower body (not just flicking the hips while CONTINUING to extend up!

Workout #2 (2pm)
A. Front Squat: 3 stage protocol (290,215,235,260 + 2x5 w/ 145)
B. Push Press: 5 x 5,4,3,2,1; rest 3 min (225,245,255,265(f),260(f))

Notes: Had good energy after my workout and I taught one class before taking a bit of a breather and got ready for front squats.  Took 12 minutes to start warming up and then attempt some heavier singles.  Didn't really track what I was putting on the bar.  Just went by feel.  Missed a heavy rep (295lbs.), dropped down 5, and stood up fairly easily.  Just lost focus when the weight was heavy on my shoulders I suppose.  Dropped down to triples and hit a solid 260. Moved onto the push presses.  Warming up, I could feel the anterior shoulder was sore on both sides.  Hit solid reps on the 5, 4, and 3 (I think this might have been a personal best), but from there I didn't hit another rep.

Workout #3 (5:30pm)
5 rounds:
50 DUs
rest 2 min

1. 1:18
2. 1:28
3. 1:28
4. 1:50
5. 2:00

Notes: Quicky mobility and warm-up before hitting this one.  The main focus here was to try and go unbroken on all sets of HSPU.  The technical focus on the HSPU was to use the hips as much as possible and keep the arms relaxed. First set was a little shaky, but for the next two sets I got into a nice rhythm.  The double unders weren't much of a challenge as I don't even think my HR gets over 150 during these anymore.  I am able to stay very relaxed too which doesn't effect the grip and shoulders.  Last two sets I decided to break once each set to ensure no misses.  Key thing I learned here was the flexion of the hip drives the movement.  Make sure I flex the hip and reach the feet back to the wall at the top of the ROM.

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