Thursday, August 29, 2013

Training: 8/28/2013

HRV: 103
HR: 46

AM Training:
20 Bar Muscle Ups
20m HS Walk x 4
20 L-Pullups
Result: 11:07

Notes: Couldn't really get motivated to warm-up this morning.  Maybe its because of the type of workout I was going into.  Did about 20 minutes of mobility, ran through the movements for 3 reps each and then got to work.  HSPU felt good but didn't push too hard because I didn't want to burn out.  Muscle ups felt better than last week but I knew I wasn't going unbroken so I broke into three sets.  I was a little dissapointed on how the HS walks went because I got really overextened and wasn't able to string together longer efforts like I usually.  Then again, I usually to crush my arms ahead of time and then go farther than I ever have before.  Need to work on keeping the midline more stable and loading the back of the shoulders.  Grinded through the L-Pullups but I have to admit the ROM sucked.  L5-S1 was toasted afterward so I did a good amount of decompression afterward.

PM Training:
AMRAP in 15 min @90%:
12 Power Clean + Overhead 105lbs 
12 C2B
Run 400m
Result: 4 rounds + 12 G2O + 12 C2B
--10 min rest--
AMRAP in 15 min @80%:
15 Burpees
30 DUs

Row 250m
Result: 5 Rounds + 12 Burpees

Notes: Felt good warming up though my lower back was still a little flared up.  Warmed up with some Z1, then wall balls, and finished up with mobility.  Did a few pullups and clean and jerks and got to work.  Went unbroken on the first set, then broken on the G2O.  For the first time in a workout I tried riding the bar down from overhead to the ground.  Though the hips were higher in the pull, it was less taxing.  I don't know if this would work with heavier weights. Started breaking up the CTB after the 3rd round because I was sweating too much it was tough to grip the bar.  Overall the C2B didn't feel great, probably because of the work I did in the morning.  Regardless, I thought I paced the runs well hitting the 1:55 mark each time in a hot mid-day sun.  Was able to push hard at the end to finish the half round.  The last 24 hurt pretty good, but it only took about 3 minutes, but I was fully recovered after. 

Went to the second workout, which is usually very bad after a tester like the one I did prior, but I was pleasantly surprised about how good it felt.  Burpees were effortless.  Hips were really loose so pushing off the ground was easy.  Double unders were unbroken.  The row was interesting.  I tried low cadence high intensity pulls on the rower to keep it at 1:55-2:00.  I was able to keep my heart rate much lower and it wasn't nearly as aerobically taxing.  I noticed this the other day when doing my HICT and decided to try it in a workout and it really worked, though the interval was only 250m.  I am going to be doing longer intervals on the weekend and my roomate John just got a new C2 trainer so I will compare a higher cadence and lower effort to the contrary.  Felt good after today's workout.  

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