Monday, August 19, 2013

Training: 8/19/2013

HRV: 102 (+2/green)
HR: 50

AM Training:
A. 3 Position Power Snatch(floor, below knee, above knee): 5 sets; rest 4 min (165,175,185(f),185,190)
B. Back Squat: build to a moderately heavy triple, then 3 x 7 starting@~12% less than your heavy 3. (315 + 277.5x3sets of 7reps)
C. Front Rack BB Split Squats: 3 x 4-6 @20X1, rest 90 sec b/t legs (145x3)
notes-note tempo change; no pause.
D. Strict Body Row to bar: 5 x 3-5 @21X2, rest 90 sec (5,4,5,5,5)
notes-pronated grip; ensure holds done w/bar to sternum

Notes: Body felt good heading into this workout but I was still a little tired from the workouts this weekend.  Tried not to prolong the warm-up as this usually exacerbates the problem.  During power snatches, I tend to extend the pull which throws me out of position in the catch.  The shoulders go too far back causing the hips to sway too far forward.  Missed 185 the first time because of it.  I came back and hit 185 and then went 190 focusing on continuing the pull under the bar into the catch.  Happy with hitting 190 for the complex.  Moved to the back squats, and they felt good today.  No real issues with the hips or back.  Hit 305 and then decided to push to 315 and hit it there too.  After designating that as my tough triple I dropped down to my 3sets of 7 at 88%.  Boy was this miserable.  I haven't done anything over 5 reps in quite some time and the last couple sets were a real grind.  Happy with hitting the weight for all three sets though.  Kept the same weight for all three sets on front rack split squats as my legs were pretty smoked from back squats.  Body rows are continuing to feel better as my mobility and activation of upper back muscles improve.  Felt good after the workout. 

PM Training:
Row 5 min @Z1
Row 12 min @HR~162
--3:00' recovery--
Row 10 min @HR~162
--2:30' recovery--
Row 8 min @HR~162
--2:00' recovery--
Row 6 min @HR~162

Row 5 min @Z1
1. 2986m
2. 2437m
3. 1915m
4. 1441m

Notes: Hit this workout in the afternoon.  Felt good but I think I had the damper a bit too high.

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