Thursday, August 1, 2013

Training: 7/29/2013

HRV: 99 (-2/green)
HR: 53

AM Training:
10min Z1 Airdyne
1min @ 85%
1min @ 50%
10min Cooldown

Results: watts between 311-370

Notes: Woke up, grabbed some gatorade and headed straight to the gym because I was short on time.  Didn't have nearly as much pain in my legs as I usually do.  Intervals felt great and I could push without much of a problem.  I think it was because of the dose of caffeine I had before I started.  Mental note.....

PM Training:
A. Back Squat: 3 Stage Protocol (335, 235,265,295,167.5)
B. Ring Rows: 5x7-10 @ 21x2; rest 2min
12min AMRAP:
5 OHS (135)
15 CTB Pullups
Results: 5 rounds + 5 OHS + 5 HSPU

Notes: Warmed up for this with a couple rounds of 5s at each movement (heavier on the OHS).  Shoulders were a bit sore but felt good overall going into this workout.  To keep the intensity in check, I decided to break the chest to bar up right from the beginning into sets of 5.  That way I could go unbroken on the OHS and move right back into the CTB after the HSPU.  Workout went well and I was able to hit right around the number I was shooting for.  More importantly I didn't have a drastic fall-off in power after the 4 minute mark.  Stay consistent throughout.  Lower back was a little tight afterward from HSPU but other than that I felt good.

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