Saturday, August 10, 2013

Training: 8/10/2013

HRV: 103(+3/green)
HR: 48

2 x thru all:
5 min AMR@85%:
12 KBS 70lb
12 No Jump Burpees
Result: 4 rounds/4 rounds
--3 min recovery--
5 min AMR@85%:
4 x 10m Shuttle Run down & back, touch ground @turns
10 S2O 95lbs
Results: 5 rounds + 4x10m/5 rounds + 4x10m
--3 min recovery--
5 min @85%:
Row 1k
amrap Thrusters 65lbs in remaining time
Results: 20reps/28reps

--10 min recovery--

Notes: Horrible and terrible are words that people often used to describe workouts.  That doesn't really do this workout justice.  The power output and turnover were high, and through the first set, I was still feeling the effects from the prior weekend (lack of energy, lack of drive, like of pain tolerance).  After the ten minute rest, I was able to refocus and move more smoothly through the AMRAPs.  KBS felt better the second time around as did the push presses.  I used an axle bar for both the S2O and the thrusters and I think I will be adding this in more often to make a regular bar seem like a treat.   Row at at a 1:58 the first time around and about a 1:56 the second time around.  In the beginning of this workout, I felt like I had so far to go.  Afterward, I felt much better about where I am and where I am going to be heading.  

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