Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Raid Games Day 2

HRV: 95 (-3/red)
HR: 55

WOD 3:
5min Countdown Clock:
3 Deadlifts @
AMRAP Double Unders in Time Remaining
Result: 230 Double Unders

WOD 4:
8min Countdown Clock:
21 Burpee Box Jumps (30")
10 Wall Balls
5 Power Snatches (165lbs.)
Result: 3 rounds + 10 Wall Balls + 1 Snatch


Got through the competition this weekend and I am pretty sore in my mid/lower back (higher than usual) and neck.  Other than that I am good.  HRV was amber on Saturday, Red on Sunday, and its back to green today after a good night's sleep.

Saturday was good and bad.  Felt like crap waking up.  Sat around all day until my first event at 4:30pm.  Had a good workout, nothing spectacular but had a tough time keeping the heart rate down on the higher power movements.  3 rounds of 2 rope climbs, 9 STOH (165lbs.), 11 Muscle Ups.  Pretty happy with how the muscle ups felt.  couldn't have gone much faster without missing muscle ups.  Won the first event.

Second event was terrible.  Had nothing in me.  Workout was 5 KB Man Makers (35lbs./hand), 10 KB Snatches (70lbs.), 10 HPC (155lbs.).  Couldn't push the pace here because I had no energy.  Lots of factors there (lack of sleep, timing of event was 6:30pm, and higher power externally loaded movements).  This workout reminded me of the last two testers we did: 12min AMRAP 5 MU/10 OHS/15 KBS and 10min AMRAP:5 OHS/10HSPU/15CTB.  There was just nowhere to hide on this workout and I struggled to keep moving.  

Slept lousy on Saturday night as my CNS was probably still jacked from going hard a few hours before.

Sunday morning I actually felt a lot better than Saturday.  Went to the beach when I got up to jump in the ocean, ran some errands and then headed to the event.  First event was at 3:30pm: 5min AMRAP: 3 deadlifts @ 315/365/385/395/400 adding weight yourself-in time remaining: Max double unders. Steady on the deadlifts and then just went after it on the double unders hitting first 100 unbroken and then hunting down everyone that was in front of me.  

I was tied for 1st place going into the final workout.  Workout was: 8min countdown clock: 21 Burpee Box Jumps (30") then AMRAP: 10 Wall Balls + 5 Power Snatch (165lbs.).  Warming up, I felt I had good energy and I was moving the bar well.  Built up to 185 for a double but I knew that effort and brain power that moving 165 would take would be too slow for this event, relative to my competition.  Steady on box jumps but I felt like I didn't have anything in me and couldn't push.  Unbroken on wall balls and then on to power snatches.  With good technique I was hitting one rep every 15 seconds which was way too slow relative to the ogres who were ripping the bar off the ground.  Missed a snatch forward and then switched to full snatches to make sure I didn't miss anymore reps.  This workout just sucked but nothing that I couldn't recover from quickly.  Walked away from workout.  I knew I didn't have the ammo for this workout so I didn't do anything stupid. Finished 2nd to last on this workout at took 4th overall (out of 10 guys). 

Happy with where I am at this stage.  I am feeling we are plugging up some of the holes in my game but I think we exposed some of the areas that I definitely need to address. In my opinion externally loaded aerobic power and CP capacity.  These workouts are my NIGHTMARE!!!

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