Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training: 7/8/2013

HRV: 101(-2/green)
HR: 48

AM Training:
A. Snatch: 2 x 1 @70%; 2 x 1 @75%; 80% x 1; 85% x 1; rest 3 min (155,165,177.5,187.5)

B. Front Squat: 4x5; rest 2min (235)
C. RDL: 4x5; rest 2min (265)

Notes: Body felt good going into today's workout.  Didn't feel really explosive today but I thought my technique was pretty good.  Had a miss today at 187.5 but came back to make it a few more times.  I let my hip get too far forward during the pull and that sent the bar out a bit.  Front squats and RDLs were okay today.  Hit the loaded stretching afterward.

PM Training:
12 min AMRAP @85%:
Airdyne 20 cals
10 T2B
35 Double Unders
6 Rounds
--3 min recovery--
12 min AMRAP @85%:
Row 300m
10 Burpees
10m Handstand Walk
4 rounds + 215m
--3 min recovery--
12 min AMRAP @85%:
VC 1 min 100m SB Carry
5 Skin the Cats (full ROM)
10 Narrower Grip OHS 75lbs
4 rounds + 100m SB Carry

Notes: Felt a bit tired going into the second workout and lacked confidence.  I knew the kind of pain I went through last week on this very same workout and I was not looking forward to it.  Kept the airdyne under control on the first AMRAP and was smooth on the T2B and double unders (tripped once on them).  Shoulder warm-up prior to the workout had the T2B feeling awesome.  

Second amrap I once again felt like my legs were dead on the row.  Rather than pushing it, causing my HR to skyrocket, I backed off on the row slightly.  Burpees were consistant and the HS walks were much of problem (again, shoulder warm-up was key here).  Need to keep the hips tucked, belly tight, and shoulders back to get in proper order.

My versa climber is upstairs, so rather than waste time, I switched the VC to 100m SB Carry (which was tough).  First round of skin the cats was a feeling out stage and I went relatively slow and methodical.  From there they started getting smoother.  My shoulder started to loosen up a lot with these and it definitely helped the narrow grip OHS.  I think I will incorporate these in my warm-up but I have to make sure that my shoulders are ready before jumping into these.  Pinkies on outside rings for the OHS (about 3" narrower than I usually go).

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