Saturday, July 27, 2013

Training: 7/27/2013

HRV: 96 (-6/amber)
HR: 53

AM Training:
Ring Rows: 5x8-10 @ 21x2; rest 2min (complete)
15min AMRAP:
5 Muscle Ups
10 OHS (95lbs.)
15 KB Swings (32kg)
Results: 5 Rounds + 5 Muscle Ups + 1 OHS

PM Training:
10min Z1 Row
Row 1000m @ HR 162/rest as long as it took
Row 10min Z1

Skipped due to HRV

Notes: Got to bed later than usual last night because I was up watching the games.  Lacked energy in my workout so I knew that this workout was going to be brutal.  Just couldn't get my HR up.  Didn't have another gear.  Need to be a little more diligent in getting to bed on time. 

Event though I was shooting for between 5 and 6 rounds, I think I could have done much better after hitting this workout.  I just couldn't push.  I think 2 minute rounds are definitely doable if I am feeling good.  

Went unbroken on muscle ups except for one set where I slipped through the rings, so i am gaining confidence there.  OHS felt really good and I was actually resting there.  KB swings is where I had most trouble, and this is consistent with how I feel when my brain is fried.  The grip just hurts and is weak.  Going to get a good rest the rest of today and see how I feel tomorrow as I might make up the the row tomorrow morning if I am feeling up to it.

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