Monday, July 15, 2013

Training: 7/15/2013

HRV: 93 (+3/green)
HR: 53

AM Training:
A. Snatch: Build Quickly to 90% (200)
B. Clean and Jerk: Build Quickly to 90% (257.5)
C. Front Squat: 3x5; rest 2min (225)
D. RDL: 3x5; rest 2min (255)

Notes: I was sore going into today's workout.  Triceps, lats, and quads especially.  Left knee has a little burning in it but nothing too uncomfortable.  Just a sensation I haven't had before.  Shoulders were tired so snatches didn't feel great.  No misses as I built quickly until 195 but hit it on the very next attempt.  Went to 200 and hit it right away.  Backed off and hit 145 for a double just to leave with some clean reps.  Went to clean and jerk and built quickly to 257.5.  Legs were pretty smoked but I was able to hit 90% without much of a challenge.  Hoping by the end of the week my legs will be back under me.  No problems with front squat or RDL.

PM Training:
12min AMRAP:
200m Run
15 Wall Balls
10 CTB Pullups
Result: 6 rounds
Ring Rows: 5x4-6 @ 21x2; rest 2min (modify foot position

Notes:  Hit this workout at 3:30pm, about 4 hours after my first workout.  Warmed up with some Z1, mobility, and then some heavy DB thrusters and CTB pullups.  Should have worked on my CTB technique a bit more because during the first couple of sets I was overextended and my lower back started to lock up.  Fought through the pain and was able to hit 6 rounds, unbroken on wall balls and CTB pullups.  Good to see I can push through on a workout like this.  Hit 3 sets of ring rows afterward.  Noticed that I really can get full scapular retraction unless I am at about a 30 degree incline.  Any lower, and I can't get the rings to my chest.  I think this is an area that I can improve upon that can help with dynamic upper body pulling movements.

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