Friday, July 12, 2013

Training: 7/12/2013

HRV: 88 (-2/red)
HR: 60

Notes: I have been taking some OTC cold medicine with pseudoephedrine so the HRV is esentially redundant.  I decided to go by feel today instead.  Felt really good warming up for the AMRAPs this morning so I decided to keep it pretty low intensity and just move for 30 minutes.  Kept rows at 1:56 and did all others movements unbroken.  Second AMRAP I felt my quads were a bit fatigued.  Kept watts at about 250 and went smooth at the other movements.  

Notes: Came back for the second workout in the afternoon.  I had very good energy going into weight training but I was still dealing with the nasal drip.  Had a pretty easy time warming up for this workout.  Hit a little bit of mobility and then some clean drills.  Focused on dropping the hips early and staying through the heels.  Cleans felt light today and I had no problems with the jerk.  Front squats and RDLs felt easy.  Hit some lat mobility afterward and my OHS position was money.  Need to incorporate this next time I snatch.

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