Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Training: 6/4/2013

 Part 1

Flight Simulator

HRV: 99 (-1/amber)
HR 48

A. Seated Press Behind the Neck: build to a 1RM (165)
B. Seated DB External Rotations, elbow on knee: build to a 8RM/arm @3010 (25/arm)
C. Single Arm Bent Trap 3 Raise: build to a 8RM/arm @3010 (20/arm)
D. RDL: build to a 3RM, lowering to ~2" off the floor (325)

"Flight Simulator"
Time: 7:06

Notes: Woke up early today because of the birds making noise outside of my window.  Got a better night's sleep than last night however.  Got to the gym, did some upper body mobility and then got to pressing.  Haven't maxed out this lift so I built up quickly until it started getting challenging.  Hit 165 and then failed at 170.  I was getting to a sticking point and then the bar drove forward.  Went on to the external rotations.  Had a bit of anterior shoulder pain on the right side.  Hardest part is at the very top of the range of motion.  Trap 3 raises were next.  I could only do 20lbs. here.  I have trouble getting the arm in line with the body could be activation or mobility.  RDL wasn't too bad and the grip was one of the limiters.  Stopped because my midline was giving at the last weight.

Did flight simulator next.  Had a time to beat so I tried to go sub 7 minutes.  Went unbroken until the last set of 5.  Felt good and just counted down in between the larger sets from ten and got back into double unders.  Pleased with how it went.  

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