Friday, June 28, 2013

Training: 6/28/2013

HRV: 102 (-3/green)
HR: 51

A. Front Squat: 4x5; rest 2min (225)
B. RDL: 4x5; rest 2min (275)
Airdyne 5 min @90%/rest 10 min x 2
1. 127cals
2. 134cals
Loaded stretching:
OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps

Notes: Got a night's sleep last night and then got to the gym for my workout.  Tried to warm-up quickly and get to work but it kind of dragged out a little.  Knees were feeling cranky.  Finished off both the front squat and RDL without much of a problem, and then went right over to the airdyne for my intervals.  The first minute went by like nothing and when I looked down the wattage was in the high 300s.  Didn't really feel too much of a burn until the 4 minute mark.  Legs were pretty cooked after the first set, but I was ready to go after the 10 minute rest.  Wasn't sure how I would feel because I went pretty hard on the first set.  Legs were fatigued from the beginning, but I was able to hold a good wattage.  Was shooting for 125 for each set so I was really pleased with hitting these numbers.  Recovered about 90 seconds after the second set.  

I think the high power output map training that I have been doing has been paying off.

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