Saturday, June 22, 2013

Training: 6/22/2013

HRV: 102 (-2/green)
HR: 48

A. Snatch: 10 x 1; rest 2-4 min (build up to 85% of 1RM) (165-187.5)
B. Front Squat: 3x5; rest 2min (225)
C. RDL:  3x5; rest 2min (255)
Versa Climber 4 min @90%/rest 3 min x 4

Notes: Was a bit tired before working out today.  Got to the gym and it seems like it took forever to warm up.  Hit some snatches from the wood and I felt like I was not catching quite well today. My feed were sliding too far back and I am not sure why.  Did not miss a single snatch today however so that was a major plus.

Front squats felt like led weight so I kept it at 3 sets.  Brain was cooked by this point.  Hit the RDLs and moved on to the versa climber.  Kept the cadence high on the versa climber (over 120reps/minute).  Not too much localized fatigue but I was definitely breathing by the end of each set.  

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