Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Training: 6/19/2013

HRV: 101 (-/amber)
HR: 51

AM Training:
3 sets:
1500m @ 85%
rest 3min
1. 5:46.6 (1:55.5)
2. 5:45.5 (1:55.1)

3. 5:44.2(1:54.7)

Notes: Woke up last night at 2am and couldn't get back to bed until 5am.  Felt okay warming up and decided to try and hit a 1:55 pace for all sets.  Sets were tough but doable.  Rolled out afterward, ate and got some rest.

PM Training:
A. Clean @75% 1RM: 5 x 3,3,2,2,2; rest 3 min (215-complete)
B. Paused Jerk off blocks: 5 x 1; rest 2 min - 80% effort; 2 sec pause in dip. (245-complete)
C. Front Squat: 4x5 w/ 220lbs.; rest 2min
D. RDL: 3x5 w/ 265lbs.; rest 2min
Loaded stretching:

OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps (complete)

Notes: Came back for my second training session at 2:30pm (4.5 hours between sessions).  Easy to warm-up since the gym was so warm.  Didn't have a lot of time but since I had already worked out earlier, I just did some BB work and mobility and got to the cleans.  Today, I focused on using my arms to pull under the bar.  Also, I tried to cut the "re-direct" off and drive up rather than continuing to lean backward.  Cleans felt good.  

For paused jerks first couple of sets, I had trouble getting a good lock out as I was pushing the bar forward slightly.  I kept my chest up in the last couple of sets and was able to hit solid reps.  Front squat felt good today.  Lower back and glutes were sore from yesterday so I cut to 3 sets.
Completed the OH squats with my lifting shoes.  I was able to do shoulder width apart grip. Shoulders were feeling really good.

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