Saturday, June 1, 2013

Training: 6/1/2013

HRV: 102 (+2/green)
HR: 44

A. Push Press: Build to 1RM (270)
B. Front Squat: Build to 1RM (305)
Open Work 13.5 (3 rounds 15 Thrusters (100lbs.), 15 CTB pullups, bonus 4min if 90 reps are completed and so on)
Result: 138 reps

Notes:  Waited until the afternoon to work up to the maxes since I usually don't work as well in the early morning with heavier weights.  In the past I would keep the upper back relaxed and let the elbows come way up during push presses.  Since last month, I have been keeping the upper back tight (shoulder bladed retracted), to keep the upper back straighter.  This also prevents me from overextending.  I changed this when I noticed olympic weightlifters with their elbows much lower than mine during split jerks.  I realized it was because they have there upper back tight and only when you allow your upper back to relaxed are your elbows allowed to come that high.    I feel this allows the upper back to catch the weight more easily than your front delts (unable to lock out jerks that way).  Missed 275 twice but was able to hit 270 when I went back down.

Worked up quickly on the front squat as my legs felt pretty good today.  Wasn't expecting any big jumps in my front squat since we haven't been really challenging it over the last couple of months other than doing capacity work.  Hit my old best, which I haven't hit in over 3 months so I was pleased with my effort.  Tried 310 but it wasn't there today.

Moved onto the tester.  To warm-up I did 3 sets of 5 Thrusters and 10 CTB pullups, increasing the weight from set to set ending at 145lbs.. Also did a 20 second airdyne sprint to get the heart rate up and rested fully before going into the workout.  Didn't have much anxiety going in, as I knew I only can do my best, and whatever that it, I am cool with it.  Knew I wouldn't have much trouble getting 3 rounds done under the time cap, but I didn't know how much left I would have afterward.  I took a full 30 second break before starting my fourth round.  Really didn't help all that much but it allowed me to get bigger chunks of the thrusters done.  Need to get over the fear of dropping the bar and having to "pick-up" the weight.  Just because I dropped it doesn't mean I can't pick it up.  Hands ripped pretty bad after the second round, so the CTB were limited.  Haven't healed completely from last week's rips.  The last 4 minutes hurt bad, which is to be expected without exposure to this energy system.  I was pleased with my effort and the result is the result.  All I know is I have some work to do come 2014 open season.

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