Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Training: 6/10/2013

HRV: 101 (-/green)
HR: 48

AM Training:
20min Z1 Run (complete)

PM Training:
A. Snatch: Build to moderately tough single (195)
B. Back Squat: Build to 1RM (360)
C1. RDL: 5x4 @ 4010; rest 20sec
C2. GH Raises to Parellel: 5x8-12 @ 20x0; rest 2min (complete)

Notes: Felt good today waking up.  Did my Z1 run and felt my hamstrings were recked afterward.  15 hours of driving and 3.5 hours of lifting and I guess my body is a little smoked.  Couldn't really get warm today so I kept that into consideration during my workout.  Shoulders and hips were tight, so my catch position was all out of whack.  Missed a couple lighter snatches behind just because I couldn't get comfortable in the bottom.  Once I got going I was able to pretty easily hit 195.  Stopped there because I needed more energy to go from back squats.

Haven't maxed my back squat in a really long time and the last time I did it I hit 355.  I went 325, 345 and 360 without any misses today.  Form was good as well as my back didn't round and my knees didn't collapse in.  One thing I did not do was overly fire myself up, especially at lower weights.  I shouldn't need to dig deep all the time to hit relatively easy weights.  RDL and GH raises were completed but left my hammies smoked.

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