Sunday, June 30, 2013

Training: 6/29/2013

HRV: 1021 (-1/green)
HR: 52

A. Power Clean and Paused Jerk: 10x1+1; rest 2-3min (65-85%)
B. Front Squat: 3x5; rest 2min (215)
Deadlift (275)
Parallettes HSPU
Time: 5:37

Notes: Felt lethargic warming up for my power cleans.  Pull was slow and my legs were tired from yesterday's training.  On the other hand, jerks felt amazing.  I am really generating a lot of power from my lower body and gaining confidence in using the lower body to drive and the upper body to lock out.  Built to 250 today and stayed there as I wanted to perfect technique and not get sloppy.  I think 265 might be max legit power clean.  From there it would either be a ninja power clean or I would have to start squatting under it.  Legs were smoked from yesterday so I stuck with a lighter weight and lower sets for front squats.

Went on to the short tester and I was a little nervous going in.  I was concerned that the high turnover on the deadlifts would cause my heart rate to shoot through the roof.  Little did I know that the overextending in the HSPU would be my downfall.  During the set of 12 HSPU my midline got sloppy and I felt my lower back locking up.  I just gritted my teeth and churned away.  All I was really concerned about this workout going in was pushing the pedal down as hard as I could for as long as I could.  I accomplished that but I have to be smarter on things like HSPU and not get caught in positions that will cost me.  Very happy with how the deadlifts felt.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Training: 6/28/2013

HRV: 102 (-3/green)
HR: 51

A. Front Squat: 4x5; rest 2min (225)
B. RDL: 4x5; rest 2min (275)
Airdyne 5 min @90%/rest 10 min x 2
1. 127cals
2. 134cals
Loaded stretching:
OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps

Notes: Got a night's sleep last night and then got to the gym for my workout.  Tried to warm-up quickly and get to work but it kind of dragged out a little.  Knees were feeling cranky.  Finished off both the front squat and RDL without much of a problem, and then went right over to the airdyne for my intervals.  The first minute went by like nothing and when I looked down the wattage was in the high 300s.  Didn't really feel too much of a burn until the 4 minute mark.  Legs were pretty cooked after the first set, but I was ready to go after the 10 minute rest.  Wasn't sure how I would feel because I went pretty hard on the first set.  Legs were fatigued from the beginning, but I was able to hold a good wattage.  Was shooting for 125 for each set so I was really pleased with hitting these numbers.  Recovered about 90 seconds after the second set.  

I think the high power output map training that I have been doing has been paying off.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rest Day: 6/27/2013

HRV: 104 (+3/green)
HR: 46

Notes: Didn't sleep well last night.

Training: 6/26/2013

HRV: 101 (-4/green)
HR: 50

AM Training;

Row 500m @90% x 2, rest 1 min
rest 5 min
Row 500m @90% x 2, rest 1 min
1. 1:41.8
2. 1:41.7
3. 1:41.0
4. 1:40.6

Notes: Woke up, got some ART and chiropractic treatment and then got to the gym.  Warmed up with a couple of 500m rows and mobility and then got to the intervals.  Quads were pretty smoked from yesterday's weight training so it was tough goings on the rower.  Focus on good technique and breathing throughout.  Limiter was the localized burning in my quads.

PM Training:
A. Clean @80%1RM: 5 x 2,2,1,1,1; rest 3 min (230)
B. Front Squat: 4x5; rest 2min (225)
C. RDL: 4x5; rest 2min (265)
Loaded stretching:
Lat/Tri Plank Stretch w/bar: 2 x 30 sec

OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps

Notes: Rested at home until 2:30 and then got back for the second workout.  Could tell during the warm-up that my legs were pretty dead from yesterday's workout.  Got shot out the back on on my first clean, but then I didn't miss from then on out.  Front squats felt okay surprisingly.  Took what I learned about the day before and used in the today's workout.  RDLs felt good.  After a workout like this, I always feel my OHS is much better. 

Training: 6/25/2013

HRV: 105 (+7/green)
HR: 50

A. Front Squat: 5x5; rest 2min (240)
B. RDL: 5x5; rest 2min (265)
C1. Seated Press Behind the Neck: 4 x 6,4,2,6 @31X1, rest 90 sec (125, 140, 165, 132.5)
C2. Rope Climb for speed: 4 x 2 trips to 15'; rest 90 sec (complete avg. 17")
D. Sternum Chin-Ups: 3 x amrap; rest 3 min (normal bar) (6,7,5)

E. Single Arm Bent Trap 3 Raise: 3 x 8-10/arm @3010; rest 45 sec b/t arms (20x3sets)

Notes: Went for it today on the front squats.  Have to keep reminding myself that at the bottom of my squat I have to drive with the legs, not just extend my hips.  All sets completed with moderate difficulty.  RDLs felt good today.  Decided to keep it at 265 in order to keep better form.  Went heavier than last time on behind the neck press.  No shoulder issues here but I feel I would be able to generate more power with a wider grip. Legless rope climbs are always tough.  I wasn't sure if I should do this with or without my legs.  I didn't without and the second decent is tough each time.

Have an issue with the sternum chin-ups.  As in other chest to bar movements I have difficulty getting my shoulder retracted fully.  I think the tightness in my chest over the years restricted my ability to train this ROM.  I think some exposure to horizontal pulling with gymnastics would be worthwhile.  

Trap 3 raise felt good.  Really challenging to hold the tempo in the last sets.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Training: 6/24/2013

HRV: 97 (-2/red)
HR: 51

AM Training:
A. Snatch: 2,2,1,1,1 w/ 80%1RM; rest 3min (175)
B. Front Squat: 3x5; rest 2min (215)
C. RDL: 3x5; rest 2min (255)

Notes: Had a good night's sleep last night.  Got to the gym and did a barbell warm-up and mobility.  Warmed up the snatch on a board and then got to my work sets.  During my snatches, I focused on what the launch position should feel like.  No misses today on snatches.  Front squats felt heavy so kept it at 3x5.  During the RDLs, I didn't allow the knee angle to change and  I felt it more in my hamstrings.

PM Training:
8min AMRAP:
Airdyne 20cals
5 Toes to Bar
10 Ball Slams
Results: 5 rounds
-rest 3min
8min AMRAP:
200m Row
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (20")
Results: 4 rounds + 60m
8min AMRAP:
30 Double Unders
2/2 Sandbag Get-ups (100lbs.)
Results: 6 rounds

Notes: Went home after class and laid down for a little while before getting back to the gym for my second workout.  Warmed up with 10min of Z1 and a little bit of mobility and then got to work.  Tried to keep the watts at about 300 on the airdyne.  T2B and Ball Slams were unbroken.  

Rows were tough, as were the burpee box jump overs.  Kept at at 85% though.

Last AMRAP was taxing on the lower back.  On the get-ups, I really had to focus on stabilizing the midline.  All double unders unbroken.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Training: 6/22/2013

HRV: 102 (-2/green)
HR: 48

A. Snatch: 10 x 1; rest 2-4 min (build up to 85% of 1RM) (165-187.5)
B. Front Squat: 3x5; rest 2min (225)
C. RDL:  3x5; rest 2min (255)
Versa Climber 4 min @90%/rest 3 min x 4

Notes: Was a bit tired before working out today.  Got to the gym and it seems like it took forever to warm up.  Hit some snatches from the wood and I felt like I was not catching quite well today. My feed were sliding too far back and I am not sure why.  Did not miss a single snatch today however so that was a major plus.

Front squats felt like led weight so I kept it at 3 sets.  Brain was cooked by this point.  Hit the RDLs and moved on to the versa climber.  Kept the cadence high on the versa climber (over 120reps/minute).  Not too much localized fatigue but I was definitely breathing by the end of each set.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Training: 6/21/2013

HRV: 101 (+2/red)
HR: 45

A. Front Squat: 5x5 w/ 235lbs.; rest 2min (complete)
B. RDL: 4x5 w/ 265lbs.; rest 2min (complete)
C. Seated Press Behind the Neck: 4 x 7,5,3,7 @31X1, rest 90 sec (115,135,150,120)
Alt EMOM for 14 min:
odd mins- 2-4 Strict MUs (4,3,3,3,3,4)
even mins- 3/leg Deck Pistols, alt'ng (drive knee out) (complete)
Airdyne 20 min @Z1 (did not do, ran out of time)
Loaded stretching:
Lat/Tri Plank Stretch w/bar: 2 x 30 sec (complete)
OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps

Notes: Woke up this morning after a pretty sound night's sleep and my HR was real low.  HRV was red, but I thought it was probably a glitch and decided to train.  Unfortunately I was short on time so I quickly warmed up and built up to my first set of front squats.  Legs felt surprisingly good today given the fact that yesterday was off.  Used 235 today, the heaviest I have gone so far in the high frequency training and all sets felt strong.  My lower back and periformis were tight on my left side so I capped the weight and number of sets for the RDLs.

Moved on to the presses and it didn't take me long to find the weight for the first set.  These smoked my triceps.  Focused staying in good position throughout and not driving the bar forward.  

Moved on to the EMOM.  Haven't done strict muscle ups in months, but I got right into the groove from the first set.  Decided to cap rounds at 3 after the first round to make sure all reps were clean and didn't want to put too much strain on my elbows.  All the shoulder mobility I have been doing seemed to make getting through the rings much easier than it used to.  Deck pistols felt great and I focused on the knee out position.  Man, I wish normal pistols felt this great!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rest Day: 6/20/2013

HRV: 102 (+1/green)
HR: 51

Notes: Feeling good today.  Got a solid 9.5 hours sleep last night and body feels fresh.  Hoping for a good end to the week.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Training: 6/19/2013

HRV: 101 (-/amber)
HR: 51

AM Training:
3 sets:
1500m @ 85%
rest 3min
1. 5:46.6 (1:55.5)
2. 5:45.5 (1:55.1)

3. 5:44.2(1:54.7)

Notes: Woke up last night at 2am and couldn't get back to bed until 5am.  Felt okay warming up and decided to try and hit a 1:55 pace for all sets.  Sets were tough but doable.  Rolled out afterward, ate and got some rest.

PM Training:
A. Clean @75% 1RM: 5 x 3,3,2,2,2; rest 3 min (215-complete)
B. Paused Jerk off blocks: 5 x 1; rest 2 min - 80% effort; 2 sec pause in dip. (245-complete)
C. Front Squat: 4x5 w/ 220lbs.; rest 2min
D. RDL: 3x5 w/ 265lbs.; rest 2min
Loaded stretching:

OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps (complete)

Notes: Came back for my second training session at 2:30pm (4.5 hours between sessions).  Easy to warm-up since the gym was so warm.  Didn't have a lot of time but since I had already worked out earlier, I just did some BB work and mobility and got to the cleans.  Today, I focused on using my arms to pull under the bar.  Also, I tried to cut the "re-direct" off and drive up rather than continuing to lean backward.  Cleans felt good.  

For paused jerks first couple of sets, I had trouble getting a good lock out as I was pushing the bar forward slightly.  I kept my chest up in the last couple of sets and was able to hit solid reps.  Front squat felt good today.  Lower back and glutes were sore from yesterday so I cut to 3 sets.
Completed the OH squats with my lifting shoes.  I was able to do shoulder width apart grip. Shoulders were feeling really good.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Training: 6/18/2013

HRV: 101 (-1/green)
HR: 51

A. Front Squat: 5x5 w/ 225lbs.; rest 2min (complete)
B. RDL: 5x5 w/ 265lbs.; rest 2min (complete)
C1. Tucked Front Lever Pullups: 3 x amrap; rest 20 sec (6,6,5)
C2. Strict Pullups (medium grip): 3 x amrap; rest 20 sec (5,5,5)
C3. Strict Chin Ups (narrow grip): 3 x amrap; rest 3 min (4,5,4)

D. Single Arm Bent Trap 3 Raise: 3 x 8-10/arm @3010; rest 45 sec b/t arms (20lbs. x 3 x 10)

Notes: Felt good going into today's workout.  Got a solid 30 minute warm-up in and then got to front squats.  Started out here and felt good warming up so I pushed the weight and sets.  Felt much better today than yesterday.  RDLs felt good and my back felt better than yesterday.  Front lever pullups felt better this week than last week.  Left forearm flared up just a bit during the pullups.  Trap 3 raises felt really good today and I was able to get full range of motion.  I think the new pec stretches that I have been doing have been helping.

Right knee was a bit inflammed after the workout.  Starting bothering my last week during power cleans.  Iced it afterward and it calmed down later in the day.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Training: 6/17/2013

HRV: 103 (+1/green)
HR: 48

AM Training:
A. Snatch @75% 1RM: 5 x 3,3,2,2,2; rest 3 min (complete)
B. Front Squat: 3x5 w/ 215lbs; rest 2min (complete)
C. RDL: 3x5 w/ 255lbs.; rest 2min (complete)

Notes: Felt good this morning.  Back tightened up during snatch work.  I think I was overextending during the catch and squat.  Pull felt good today and I was able to catch in the bottom position fairly well.  Warming up for front squats, it felt much heavier than on Saturday. Dialed it back and only did 3 sets with lighter weight.  RDL felt good however so I did 3 sets with 255.  The day off definitely caught up with my legs.

PM Training:
10 min AMRAP @85%:
Airdyne 20 cals
10 T2B
15m Bear Crawl (narrow stance, like trying to stay on a 2x4)
Results: 5 Rounds + 2 Cals
--3 min recovery--
10 min AMRAP @85%:
Row 300m
10 Burpee Box Jump-Overs 20"
Results: 4 Rounds + 50m
--3 min recovery--
10 min AMRAP @85%:
Versa Climber 1 min 
2/2 Sandbag Get-Ups/side @~2/3bwt.
Results: 4 rounds + 1min VC
Loaded stretching:
Lat/Tri Plank Stretch w/bar: 2 x 30 sec

OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps (complete)

Notes: Did 10min of Z1 work and dynamic mobility and then got to work.  Airdyne felt good and I remembered to drive with the arms to take some of the burden off my legs.  All toes to bar unbroken.  No problem with bear crawls.

Row was taxing on the body and lungs.  Burpees were pretty tough but churned through.

Sandbag getups get the HR up.

Rest Day: 6/16/2013

HRV: 102 (-/green)
HR: 50

Notes: Body feels pretty darn good.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Training: 6/15/2013

HRV: 102 (-/green)
HR: 51

A. Power Clean + Paused Jerk: 8 x 1+1; rest 2-3 min. Build from 65-85% or so. (195,205,215,225,225,225,230,230)
notes-paused jerk - pause 2 sec in bottom of the dip before driving & finishing the jerk
B. Front Squat: 4x5 @ 220lbs.; rest 2min (complete)
C. RDL: 4x5 @ 260lbs.; rest 2min (complete)

Airdyne 5 min @85%
rest 3 min 
x 3sets
1. 99cals (?)
2. 104cals (288 avg. watts)
3. 104cals (294 avg. watts)

Notes: Felt pretty good today.  Lower back was a little sore from yesterday's training but overall my body felt good.  Power cleans felt light and fast today.  Kept the percentage between 65-80% and focused on a clean pull and solid jerk mechanics.  

Front squats didn't feel as good as yesterday but I realized on the last set I was sitting my hips back a little too far tipping my chest forward.  RDLs felt good today and was focused on squeezing my glutes to extend my hips.

Airdyne felt really good today after all the strength work.  My quads and legs were thoroughly warmed up and I was able to keep a good pace throughout.  Limiter here was a combo of breathing and a little bit of leg fatigued.  Felt good afterward.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Training: 6/14/2013

HRV: 102 (+1/green)
HR: 51

A. Front Squat: 4x5 w/ 220; rest 2min (complete)
B. RDL: 4x5 w/ 255; rest 2min (complete)
C. Seated DB Press: build to an 8RM (60lbs.-no DBs heavier than this)
Alt EMOM for 20 min:
odd mins-5 Wtd Bar Dips (54lbs.)
even mins-50 Double Unders (complete-7/10 unbroken sets)
Loaded stretching:

OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps (complete)

Notes: Got to bed last night at 9:45 and didn't get out of bed until 7:45am.  Wanted to take advantage of my schedule today and get as much rest as possible.  Woke up, ate, and then did some work before heading off to the gym.  I felt good warming up.  Not fired up, but strong and confident.  Decided to bump the weights up.  5lbs. on the front squat and 10 lbs. on the RDL with an extra set for each.  Front squats felt very good today, as I focused on keeping the rack position tight and pushing back and up out of the hole.  RDLs felt good as well.  Neither were overly taxing and the reps were smooth and strong.

We don't have DBs over 60lbs. so I tested them out for 8 reps and I didn't have much of a problem there.  Was thinking about switching to a BB press but I was low on time so I skipped it and got to the EMOM (wanted to be able to do the loaded stretching).  Tested out 20kg for the first set but found it was too light.  Bumped it up to 54lbs. for the rest of the sets.  Didn't want to go too heavy here because I wanted to work on my technique in the dip.  Need to keep the shoulder in good position by focusing on scap stability.  From there its just extension of the elbows.  Double under felt good today.  Not really difficult hitting the 50 reps.  Had a few trip ups but finished all sets under 30 seconds.

Rest Day: 6/13/2013

HRV: 101 (-/green)
HR: 51

Notes:  Medial knee is cranky waking up today.  I think that it is from the power cleans.  Arch of right foot is also a bit sore.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Training: 6/12/2013

HRV: 101 (-2/amber)
HR: 49

Row 5k @70%
Time: 21:00

A. Clean: 5 x 3 @70%1RM; rest 3 min (202.5-complete)
B. Front Squat: 3x5 w/ 215; rest 2min (complete)
C. RDL: 3x5 w/ 245; rest 2min (complete)
D1. Tucked Front Lever Pullups: 3 x amrap(-1); rest 20 sec (4,5,5)
D2. Strict Pullups (medium grip): 3 x amrap(-1); rest 20 sec (5,5,5)

D3. Strict Chin Ups (narrow grip): 3 x amrap(-1); rest 3 min (5,5,5)

Notes: Woke up in the middle of the night after I heard a loud bang in my house.  Couldn't get back to sleep for about an hour.  Woke up feeling okay but my HRV was amber.  Got to the gym and went at 70% on the row.  My legs and butt were definitely sore from the day before.

Hit the second workout about 6 hours later in the afternoon.  Warmed up quickly with some mobility and dynamic stretching.  Worked up to the clean from the wood to ensure I was dropping my hips behind my heals and then extending straight up.  Cleans felt good but the legs were a little tired.  With that in mind, I auto-regulated the front squats and RDLs to 3 sets and only around 70% of 1RM.

First time doing the tucked fron lever pullups.  Couldn't quite get my chest to the bar but I think that is a combination from weakness of the scaps and tightness of the front delt/biceps tendon.  After cooling down with some stretching of the shoulders I was able to get in a much better position.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Training: 6/11/2013

HRV: 104 (+2/green)
HR: 51

A. Power Clean: 10 x 1 @80%, rest 90 sec (225)
B. Front Squat: 3 x 5 @215lbs, rest 90 sec (complete)
C. RDL: 3 x 5 @245lbs, rest 90 sec (complete)
12 min amrap @85%:
Row 300m
10 Wallballs to 11'
10 Ring Dips
Results: 5 rounds + 500m Row
--3 min recovery--
12 min amrap @85%:
Run 300m
10 KBS 70lbs
10 GHD Sit-ups
Results: 4 rounds + 10 KB Swings
Loaded stretching:

OH Squat, empty bar: 3 x 8, narrowing grip every 2 reps
(didn't get to this)

Notes: Felt good today.  Got a good night's sleep and wasn't too sore.  Warmed up well with mobility and dynamic stretching.  Worked from the wood for the warm-ups in power cleans to focus on staying back and sweeping the bar.  Power cleans felt good today and didn't have much of a struggle completing all reps.  Front squats didn't feel great but I go through them.  Legs are still a bit beat up.  RDL not too bad.  

For the AMRAPs I tried to push the pace on the rows and get as close to "game pace" as I could in a 12min workout.  I was able to hold through all 12min.  Second AMRAP was a little harder strictly because running gets my heart rate up more.  Had to stay relaxed on runs so I could do other work unbroken.  I was SPENT after the last AMRAP.  Did a lot of work today.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Training: 6/10/2013

HRV: 101 (-/green)
HR: 48

AM Training:
20min Z1 Run (complete)

PM Training:
A. Snatch: Build to moderately tough single (195)
B. Back Squat: Build to 1RM (360)
C1. RDL: 5x4 @ 4010; rest 20sec
C2. GH Raises to Parellel: 5x8-12 @ 20x0; rest 2min (complete)

Notes: Felt good today waking up.  Did my Z1 run and felt my hamstrings were recked afterward.  15 hours of driving and 3.5 hours of lifting and I guess my body is a little smoked.  Couldn't really get warm today so I kept that into consideration during my workout.  Shoulders and hips were tight, so my catch position was all out of whack.  Missed a couple lighter snatches behind just because I couldn't get comfortable in the bottom.  Once I got going I was able to pretty easily hit 195.  Stopped there because I needed more energy to go from back squats.

Haven't maxed my back squat in a really long time and the last time I did it I hit 355.  I went 325, 345 and 360 without any misses today.  Form was good as well as my back didn't round and my knees didn't collapse in.  One thing I did not do was overly fire myself up, especially at lower weights.  I shouldn't need to dig deep all the time to hit relatively easy weights.  RDL and GH raises were completed but left my hammies smoked.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Training: 6/8/2013

HRV: 104/(+1/green)
HR: 48

AMRAP in 7 min:
3,6,9,12,15,18, etc rep rounds of
135lb Ground to Shoulder to OH


Notes: Drove up to Savannah, GA after my workout yesterday for a weightlifting seminar with Coach Don McCauley.  The drive was 7 hours and I didn't really get any sleep on Friday night.  Felt okay but I know I was drained from the last 24 hours.  Decided to split the reps up into 3s for the clean and jerks.  Think I played it a bit too conservative on the T2B but my grip was pretty smoked and just didn't have the go.  Felt okay afterward and recovered shortly after.  

Afterward, I did a 3.5 hour lesson with Coach McCauley and Coach Dan Bell.  All lifts felt better than they ever have in my life and I in debt to Coach McCauley and Coach Bell.

Training: 6/7/2013

HRV: 103 (-/green)
HR: 51

1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45lbs.)
30 Pullups
Time: 5:48

Notes: Warmed up with some mobility and then did a couple intervals to prime my engine.  The intervals were 250m row + 15 Thrusters + 10 Pullups.  I felt good after doing the warm-up.  The last time I did Jackie in October, I did it in 6:10.  I wanted to push it a little faster on the row, but at the 500m mark, I started to fall apart and couldn't hold less than 1:47 (after holding 1:40 for the first 500m).  Just haven't had any exposure to rowing in a while (this is definitely a goat of mine).  Got off the rower at the 3:30 mark and within seconds I was on the thrusters.  Did the first 25 unbroken then paused and got back into it.  Took me roughly 90 seconds to complete the 50 reps.  Dropped the bar and got right over to the pullups which were done unbroken.  I think if I am going to go sub 5:30 on Jackie I have to improve my rowing.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rest Day: 6/6/2013

HRV: 103 (+1/green)
HR: 48

Notes: It is so humid here in Florida right now.  Just got push through this gross weather and get some solid training in over the next few days.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Training: 6/5/2013

HRV: 102 (+4/green)
HR: 50

4 rft:
2 Rope Climbs, 15'
100' Sprint
4 Squat Cleans 225lbs
100' Sprint
Time: 7:58

Notes: Got to the gym, hit some mobility, did some high box jumps and ball slams to get my CNS ready, and then built up to the weight for the workout.  Legs were a little sore from the double unders yesterday but all in all I was feeling pretty good.

My plan going into this workout was to be extra proficient on the rope climbs but not take any rest time between reps.  For the squat cleans, I would push the pace between reps and countdown from 5 before I picked the bar back up.  Workout felt good and I thought I paced it very well.  Only failed one squat clean on the final set and my squats were looking strong.

After getting home, I broke down the film.  The cool thing about doing the regional workouts is that I can put my video right up against the ones that were live.  I can see where I am different from the top competitors.  In this workout, it seemed I was a lot slower on my rope climbs and my transition from the run to the cleans was WAY too long.  It was averaging about 22 seconds from the time I got back from the run to the time I picked up my bar for the first rep.  I didn't take all that much time between cleans, but just getting my s*** together and starting takes me a while.  Now that I am aware of this, I can improve.   I think this is where when I workout on my own and when I compete I get overwhelmed.  I am not conscious of it but when I see other people aren't resting I don't rest.  Or maybe, this longer rest allows me to have shorts rests between reps.  When I am alone, I just use myself as the governor.  I guess this is good and bad but I need to get some exposure to competing so this doesn't become an unfixable habit.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Training: 6/4/2013

 Part 1

Flight Simulator

HRV: 99 (-1/amber)
HR 48

A. Seated Press Behind the Neck: build to a 1RM (165)
B. Seated DB External Rotations, elbow on knee: build to a 8RM/arm @3010 (25/arm)
C. Single Arm Bent Trap 3 Raise: build to a 8RM/arm @3010 (20/arm)
D. RDL: build to a 3RM, lowering to ~2" off the floor (325)

"Flight Simulator"
Time: 7:06

Notes: Woke up early today because of the birds making noise outside of my window.  Got a better night's sleep than last night however.  Got to the gym, did some upper body mobility and then got to pressing.  Haven't maxed out this lift so I built up quickly until it started getting challenging.  Hit 165 and then failed at 170.  I was getting to a sticking point and then the bar drove forward.  Went on to the external rotations.  Had a bit of anterior shoulder pain on the right side.  Hardest part is at the very top of the range of motion.  Trap 3 raises were next.  I could only do 20lbs. here.  I have trouble getting the arm in line with the body could be activation or mobility.  RDL wasn't too bad and the grip was one of the limiters.  Stopped because my midline was giving at the last weight.

Did flight simulator next.  Had a time to beat so I tried to go sub 7 minutes.  Went unbroken until the last set of 5.  Felt good and just counted down in between the larger sets from ten and got back into double unders.  Pleased with how it went.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Training: 6/3/2013

Part 1

Part 2

HRV: 100 (-2/green)
HR: 50

Regional Workout 2/3
In 7min Establish 3RM OHS (start at 135,185,225,255)
-rest 2min
30 Burpee Muscle Ups For Time (7min Cap)
Time: 6:27

Notes: Got a lousy night's sleep last night.  For one thing, there are still these birds that hang around outside my house and chirp loudly throughout the night, waking me up.  I am going to have to kill these birds.

Body was still sore from Saturday's efforts and my hands were not 100%, but much better than yesterday and didn't leave much room for excuses.  Did mobility for about 30minutes and then got to the OHS.  Haven't done anything like this in a long time so I wasn't sure if I would start at 225 or 255.  255 is where I need to be but with my body feeling like it is, I figured it would be safer to start with 225 and then go from there.  OHS felt pretty good though the legs were a bit tired today.  Hit 225 and then 235 and decided to call it there.  Third rep on 235 was a bit shaking and rather than risking it, I called it.  I wasn't going to hit 255 which is where I would need to be but having a starting number is good for this year's training.

Wore my gymnastics grips for the muscle ups.  I set the rings up outside since there is less play and more like the regional setup.  Unfortunately, half way through, one of the loops came undone so I was fussing with that a bit.  Stayed consistant in the pace throughout and was able to finish the workout pretty easily under the 7min cap.  Decent result and if I were to do it again, I would have pushed the pace much faster.  I just didn't know how I would feel in those last 5 reps.  I felt very strong in the last 5 reps.  I am thinking if I did it again I could probably get somewhere in the 5min range.  Again, this is a starting number but I am happy with how the workout felt overall.  Just got to keep plugging away this week.

Rest Day: 6/2/2013

HRV: 102 (-/green)
HR: 52

Notes: Good night's sleep.  Body feels a bit sore (lower back and hips), and hands are ripped so that may play a factor in tomorrow's workouts.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Training: 6/1/2013

HRV: 102 (+2/green)
HR: 44

A. Push Press: Build to 1RM (270)
B. Front Squat: Build to 1RM (305)
Open Work 13.5 (3 rounds 15 Thrusters (100lbs.), 15 CTB pullups, bonus 4min if 90 reps are completed and so on)
Result: 138 reps

Notes:  Waited until the afternoon to work up to the maxes since I usually don't work as well in the early morning with heavier weights.  In the past I would keep the upper back relaxed and let the elbows come way up during push presses.  Since last month, I have been keeping the upper back tight (shoulder bladed retracted), to keep the upper back straighter.  This also prevents me from overextending.  I changed this when I noticed olympic weightlifters with their elbows much lower than mine during split jerks.  I realized it was because they have there upper back tight and only when you allow your upper back to relaxed are your elbows allowed to come that high.    I feel this allows the upper back to catch the weight more easily than your front delts (unable to lock out jerks that way).  Missed 275 twice but was able to hit 270 when I went back down.

Worked up quickly on the front squat as my legs felt pretty good today.  Wasn't expecting any big jumps in my front squat since we haven't been really challenging it over the last couple of months other than doing capacity work.  Hit my old best, which I haven't hit in over 3 months so I was pleased with my effort.  Tried 310 but it wasn't there today.

Moved onto the tester.  To warm-up I did 3 sets of 5 Thrusters and 10 CTB pullups, increasing the weight from set to set ending at 145lbs.. Also did a 20 second airdyne sprint to get the heart rate up and rested fully before going into the workout.  Didn't have much anxiety going in, as I knew I only can do my best, and whatever that it, I am cool with it.  Knew I wouldn't have much trouble getting 3 rounds done under the time cap, but I didn't know how much left I would have afterward.  I took a full 30 second break before starting my fourth round.  Really didn't help all that much but it allowed me to get bigger chunks of the thrusters done.  Need to get over the fear of dropping the bar and having to "pick-up" the weight.  Just because I dropped it doesn't mean I can't pick it up.  Hands ripped pretty bad after the second round, so the CTB were limited.  Haven't healed completely from last week's rips.  The last 4 minutes hurt bad, which is to be expected without exposure to this energy system.  I was pleased with my effort and the result is the result.  All I know is I have some work to do come 2014 open season.

Training: 5/31/2013

HRV: 100 (-/green)
HR 51

10min Z1 Row
500m @ 85%
rest 2min
10min Z1 Row
1. 1:50.1
2. 1:49.5
3. 1:48.4
4. 1:48.3
5. 1:47.9
6. 1:47.5
7. 1:46.9
8. 1:46.5

Notes: Felt good this morning though my back was still a bit sore.  Woke up at 2:15am, but this time I went and had a scoop of almond butter and then did some breathing and I was back asleep by about 3am.  

Got to the gym hit the 10min Z1 and then rolled out a little bit.  My plan was to drop the pace every 2 sets and I was able to do so.  Not too bad but limiter was my legs.  They started to burn bad as I increased the pace.