Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Training: 5/6/2013

HRV: 98 (-4/green)
HR: 53

AM Training:
MAF Test:
30min Airdyne for calories @ exactly 153 BPM
Results: 479cals (last time: 436cals)

Notes: Wasn't feeling 100% when I got up.  Got a lousy night of sleep because I went to bed a little later than usual and I am under a bit of stress.  Did about 2min of mobility and then got on the airdyne.  Was able to do 43 more calories than last time.  Felt much better throughout too.  This is a pretty objective test and it shows that my aerobic fitness has improved (on the airdyne at least).  We will have to wait and see if this translates to high rep eccentrics (ie-crossfit)

PM Training:
A. EMOM x 20min
Even-3 muscle ups
Odd- 7 Russian KB Swings (90lbs.)
Results: Completed Unbroken
B. Front Squat: 15x2; rest 60sec (215-complete unbroken)
C. Push Press: 15x2; rest 60sec (195-complete unbroken)

Notes: Was feeling pretty run down by the end of the day and energy was low.  Was planning on napping in the middle of the day but again, stress levels were too high so I just got warm and started my workout.  Muscle ups felt pretty good.  Hips are opening nicely, but the transition through feels a little forced.  I am not rolling through like I am supposed to.  I don't know if this is a mobility issue or a mind-body issue.  I will have to do a bit of tech work to nail this down so that I will be able to string together larger sets.

Front squats felt heavier today (went up 15 lbs.).  Legs were a bit tired from the airdyne in the morning, but by the 6th set, I was in a groove.  Push presses were heavier than last time as well.  Need to have my feet turned out just a hair to prevent the knees from being tweaky.  Mind was a bit show at the end of this.  

By the end of the day I was coming down with a head cold.  Have to rest up and ride this one out and be extra careful not to push too hard.  I would rather back off for two days than have this thing linger for longer.

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