Sunday, May 26, 2013

Training: 5/25/2013

HRV: 101 (-2/green)
HR: 51

AM Training:
50 Back Squats (135lbs.)
40 Pullups
30 Push Press (135lbs.)
50 Front Squats (85lbs.)
40 Pullups
30 Push Press (85lbs.)
50 OHS (65lbs.)
40 Pullups
30 Push Press (65lbs.)
Time: 21:42

Notes: I was off yesterday so I was pretty fresh going into this workout.  As I warmed up however, I felt the effects from the testing I did on Thursday and back squats felt pretty heavy.  Either way, I knew that this workout was going to suck.  I only made it through the push presses the last time I did this workout in 2012 regionals.  I withdrew from the competition because my back locked up.  I have been working on muscular endurance work, so I kept the thought in the back of my head, and how much pain I went through over the last two months.  Nothing could be as bad as that.  First set of back squats I went 30/20.  Hit the pullups in 20/15/15.  Got back to the bar for the push presses and hit them in 10/10/10.  Shoulders felt good and didn't back problems during those reps.  Went on to the front squats at 85lbs. and those were rough.  The weight was lighter so it allowed me to hit in sets of 10, but that just made it hurt more.  The next set of pullups was the worst part of the workout.  They hurt my entire body and my left hand had a small tear.  Heart rate was jacked.  Got back to the bar for the push presses and was able to knock those out in sets of 10.  Stript down the bar to 65lbs. and then attacked the last set of overhead squats.  Hit the first 15 reps, dropped, then another 15 squats and dropped.  Hit the next 15 in 5s bringing the bar to my back to rest.  Back to the pullup bar and hit another 15 off the bat.  Grip started to go so I just tried to make it through as best as possible.  Back to the 65lb. push presses and hit those in sets of 10 with little rest.  I was pretty smashed afterward.  My heart rate was very high for about 15 minutes.

PM Training:
100 Double Unders
40 Toes to Bar
30 Shoulder to Overhead w/ Axel Bar (160lbs.)
90' Front Rack Walking Lunges
Time: DNF (finished toes to bar at 6:12)

Notes: Legs felt a bit blasted as did my shoulders but energy was pretty good going into this one. Warmed up with some mobility and each of the movements and then got to work.  I decided to use the fat-bar we had at the gym in place of the axel bar.  This turned out to be a mistake.  Went unbroken on the double unders and kept the heart rate down.  Went right into a set of 15 HSPU and then did sets of 10 and 5 from there on out with about 20 seconds rest between sets.   Went to the T2B and did a set of 15.  My grip was pretty crushed so it was tough to get in a good rhythm for the toes to bar.  Finished the toes to bar at 6:12 and then headed to the shoulder to overhead.  The fat bar was almost impossible to clean properly and the size of the bar on my shoulders made it hard to breathe.  It took close to 6 minutes to complete the shoulder to overhead and when I went into the walking lunges, it was almost impossible to keep the bar racked.  Rather than push it further and risk injury, I decided to stop the workout there.  When I went back and looked at the size of the axel bar (according to rogue's website), the diameter is 1.9".  The diameter of bar that I was using was 2.15".  I did learn how to hand a fat bar in the process and to rely on my push jerk with heavier weights.

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