Monday, May 20, 2013

Training: 5/19/2013

HRV: 97 (-/green)
HR: 56

A. Front Squat: 15x2; rest 30sec (220)
B. Push Press: 15x2; rest 30sec (200)
C. Angie (14:45)

Notes: Slept much better last night and was excited to train.  Got the gym early and warmed up then worked on my snatch a little bit.  Training to raise my catch position a bit but also resist throwing my shoulders back.  This move causes me to jump back placing the bar in from of me.

Front squats felt good and I tweaked my technique a bit, keeping the upper back tight.  This dropped my elbows a bit but it lead to a better squatting position. I did the same for push press and it helped there as well.

I moved on to Angie.  Goal for the pullups was to hit 10 reps at a time and then count to 10 before getting back on the bar.  Hands were probably the biggest limiter.  Broke pushups into sets of 10 as well but dropped down to fives toward the end so I didn't have to rest as long.  Situps felt better than the last time I did this.  Air squats weren't fast but consistant.  One thing that I take from this workout is to not rush through a workout.  I have to stay methodical and chip away.

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