Saturday, May 18, 2013

Training: 5/17/2013

HRV: 97
HR: 52

AM Training:
Airdyne 10 min @Z1
Airdyne 30 sec @90%/30 sec @50% x 25
AD 10 min @Z1

PM Training:
A. Snatch: build to a heavy single (205)
B. C&J: build to a heavy single (275)
C. Back Squat: 3 x 3,2,1; rest 2 min (295,325,335)
Thrusters (135lbs.)
KB Swings (70lbs.)
Time: 3:01

Notes: Didn't get a great night's sleep but got up and got to my first workout.  Hit the Z1 work and then got to the intervals.  Quads were a bit sore but paced the first 5 sets so that I didn't blow up.  Progressed nicely from there and ended feeling fairly good though the intervals hurt.

Hit the second workout at noon at CF Squad.  Great gym.  Didn't take long to warm-up but my energy was definitely low.  Was conscious of not digging too deep in building up to my heavy singles.  I was going to call it with 2 misses in each lift.  Snatch is starting to really frustrate me.  I think I am going to have to raise my bottom  position because I can't catch a weight in the bottom.  It is really frustrating for me.  My snatch number has been stuck for over a year now.  205 on the snatch and 275 CNJ are okay numbers, just disappointed that these numbers aren't getting any bigger.

Legs were pretty dead going into the clean and jerk but I was able to hit a good number.  Again,  not something great, but good.  Back squats felt heavy after the olympic lifting work but no misses.

Metcon went well.  Especially since I have not done any high power metabolic work in a long time.  Hurt a bit afterward but nothing crazy.  Thrusters felt heavy but not undoable.  

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