Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Training: 5/13/2013

HRV: 96 (+1/green)
HR: 55


AMRAP in 20 min @80(HR 160 +/- 5bpm):
Run 400m
12 Wallballs
8 T2B
8 Ring Dips 
Results: 5 Rounds + 400m + 12 Wall Balls
--5 min rest--
AMRAP in 20 min(HR 160 +/- 5bpm):
Row 500m
10 Power Clean 95lbs
25 Double Unders
Results: 5 Rounds + 100m Row
--5 min rest--
AMRAP in 20 min(HR 160 +/- 5bpm):
VC 2 min 
5 Burpee Broad Jumps
Handstand Walk back
10 GHD Situps
Results: 4 Rounds + Versa Climber + Burpee BJ + 3 Ball Slams

Notes: Feeling much better.  Got up and got to the gym to get warm.  Warmed up for about 45 minutes with mobility and activation drills and then got to work.

First AMRAP wasn't too bad though the wall balls for my HR up the most.  Focused on staying relaxed and breathing throughout.  Runs felt good.

I flip flopped the next two amraps because a class was going on and I didn't have access to a rower.  The versa climber is upstairs so I did ball slams instead of GHD situps (probably better for my back anyway).  Stayed relaxed on burpees and I went unbroken on the HS walks.  These have been feeling much better since working on gymnastics skills regularly.  Only problem was that it was getting a bit dicey with the wet floor!

Last AMRAP I tried a new strategy to recover my HR more quickly.  I knelt down when my HR crept up.  With my hands on the bar, as soon as my HR went back down, I continued to work.  The only thing that would be a concern with this method is that when I stand back up, my HR will naturally go back up a little (and visa versa on way down).  I don't know the science behind this, but if it works, who cares?

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