Sunday, May 12, 2013

Training: 5/12/2013

HRV: 96 (+11/green)
HR: 55


A. Front Squat: 15 x 2 reps; rest exactly 50 sec  (217.5-complete)
B. Push Press: 15 x 2 reps; rest exactly 50 sec (197.5-complete)
C. OHS: 50 reps for time, 95lbs; rest 3 min when done (2:04)
D. Pullups: 50 for time; rest 3 min when done (1:05)
E. Pushups: 2 x 40 for time; rest 90 sec (3:03-working time)

Notes: I have been antsy to get back to training since getting a nasty head-cold.  I knew I had to take my time however, and remain confident that I still have the abilities that I have built over the last few months.  During the front squats and push presses, I felt a little groggy and HR was getting a bit jacked.  Body felt good however (shoulders, hips, etc.).  Squat felt great today.  Stretched my calves beforehand and I think this definitely helped.  Keeping the hips underneath and driving the knees out also felt real good.  Worked on pushing the chest through on the push presses.  No problem with any of the reps.

OHS felt really good.  Better they have before in my life.  2 years ago, I would have been frightened by a workout like this, and now I relish in the fact that I have worked hard on my squat and it definitely shows.  Positioning was good but I had to stay focus on keeping the hips in line and not over-extending my hips.  Knees out and keeping upper back tight.  Rested about half way through for about 15 seconds and then before that last 2 reps just to make sure I didn't drop the bar.  Accidently did 49 reps.

After the OHS, my shoulders and upper back were a bit fatigued, so I was unable to get the height that I needed to complete reps after the 42 rep.  Took about a 10sec rest and then finished up the set of 50.  

Blood was pooling in my arms so the pushups were pretty tough.  Was able to grind through them and complete relatively quickly.  Overall after the workout, I felt GREAT and I am very excited to put the last week behind me.

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