Monday, April 8, 2013

Training: 4/8/2013

HRV: 99 (-5/green)
HR: 50

AM Training:
20min Z1 Airdyne

Notes: completed fasted out of bed

PM Training:

A. Press: 3 x 3 @30X0, rest 3 min (165,175,185)
B1. Back Squat: 3 x 25 @10X0, rest 2 min (19,20,20)
notes-try the same weight as last week. Only increase weight if you can get all sets unbroken.
B2. Pullups: 3 x 30, rest 2 min (unbroken x 3)
B3. Pushups: 3 x 35, rest 5 min  (unbroken, unbroken, 20 +15 broken)

Notes: Hit this workout at about 1:30pm.  Warmed up for about a half hour working on some dynamic stuff along with mobility in the areas I was working in today's workout.  Had decent energy heading into the workout.

Press felt pretty strong today.  Shoulders were fairly fresh and I was able to hit some pretty heavy weights under a tough tempo.  Focused on keeping my shoulder in a good position throughout.

The back squat, pullup, and push-up combination DESTROYED me today.  My legs were still really tired from Friday and Saturday, and I just didn't have it in my gut to push through to 25 reps each time.  Where things really got ugly was the pullups and pushups.  The blood pulling and fatigue in my arms and chest was unbearable.  After the second time through I was writhing in pain, but I told myself, this pain can't get worse, keep pushing.  To my amazement, the pain got worse.  A lot worse.  I went unbroken on pullups (adding in a few by accident) and then I broke up the last set of pushups.  After that my entire body was in pain and I was nauseous.  I can honestly say that this was the worst pain I have ever been in after a workout.  I couldn't find a comfortable position for about 15 minutes and I couldn't move without wanting to vomit for about 30 minutes.  

I am thinking that the "muscular endurance" intervals are more like terrible lactate intervals for me due to my proficiency in the movements (ie: 35 unbroken pushups in 30 seconds of high power upper body pushing that produces lactate).  Whatever this workout is doing, I hope at the very least it is making me a better crossfitter, at best giving me super powers.

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