Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Training: 4/23/2013

HRV: 99 (-/green)
HR: 52


Airdyne 10 min @Z1
Airdyne 5 min @HR~165-170/rest 2 min x 5
AD 10 min @Z1
Results: 90, 94, 97, 98, 99

Notes: Woke up in middle of the night because a car alarm went off.  Then a bird decided to mimic the car alarm for the rest of the night into the morning.  Wow did that suck.  Woke up feeling a little groggy but nothing too crazy.  My hands hurt from yesterdays workout and my VMOs were smoked.  Took about 30minutes to have my morning shake and then got to warming up in the garage.  Did 10min Z1 then about 8min of rolling out to get some of the soreness out of my legs.  

First set it was tough to keep the RPMs up because my legs hurt.  From there, I was able to get the RPMs up into the 70s and I learned a solid new mental game.  I wouldn't look down at the RPMs until I completed 40 strokes.  This allowed me to focus on small increments of work while being efficient.  Wasn't looking at the time just my HR and the RPMs every 40 strokes.  Each set seemed to get better.  Last set I went a little over 170 BPM so I had to back off for a full 30 seconds before getting back into the groove.  Though these intervals still suck and they are a big mental test, I feel I am improving.

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