Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Training: 4/2/2013

HRV: 93/(-11/amber)
HR: 55

10min Z1 Airdyne
5 sets:
3min @ 165-170 HR
2min rest
10min Z1 Airdyne

1. 55 cals (HR 155)
2. 56 cals (HR 158)
3. 60 cals (HR 166)
4. 58 cals (HR 168)
5. 57 cals (HR 168)

Notes: Woke up this morning, and felt pretty sore.  Body didn't feel really well rested and it showed on my HRV.  Seems that yesterday was a bit of shock to my system.  Took a warm shower and then got my workout.  My quads were sore during the warm-up, and my heart rate wasn't elevating all that much.

During the first 2 intervals my HR did not get over 160 despite holding 70 RPM for the entire 3min.  I pushed it to 72 RPMs from then on out and then my heart rate got up to the training zone but it did not exceed it.  Legs were limiter today.  They were pretty cooked from squatting yesterday.  Overall, a good workout.

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