Friday, April 19, 2013

Training: 4/18/2013

HRV:102 (+2/green)
HR: 50

AM Training:
A. Push Press + Split Jerk: 4 x 2+1; rest 3 min (from blocks) (235,255,267.5,275 (2+fail)
B. Snatch: 6 x 1; rest 90 sec (190,200 (f),200(f),200, 210(f), 210(f))
C. Wtd Parallel Grip Chin-Ups: 3 x 2,2,1 @30X0, rest 3 min (28kg,32kg,41kg)

Notes: Rough night of sleep last night as I stayed over in the hospital with Tommy.  Drove back up in the morning and got to my workout before having to coach class.  I was feeling tired and my body was tight from the drive.  Had a number in mind of the push press complex and I hit it minus the jerk.  I have to be more agressive driving myself down under the bar and not get too shallow on the dip and drive.

I am working on my snatch technique (yet again).  My focus is now sweeping the bar back and continuing up from there.  Felt pretty darn good at the light weights, but now I have to groove use of the hips and not the lower back.  Also, I have to be conscious of not wipping back as that causes an excessive jump back.  Straight up, straight down.

Chin-ups felt good and I felt my lats engaging.

PM Training:
AMRAP in 10 min @80%: (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
Run 400m
15 KB Swings 44lbs
10 T2B
Results: 3 rounds + 400m Run + 15 KB Swings + 1 T2B
--2 min recovery--
AMRAP in 10 min @80%:  (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
VC 150 feet
10 GHD Situps
15 Back Extensions
Results: 4 rounds + VCx30
--2 min recovery--
AMRAP in 10 min @80%:  (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
Run 400m
3 Muscle Ups + 3 Ring Dips
12 Box Jumps 24" (step down)
Results: 2 rounds + 400m Run + 3 MU

Notes: I was fatigued mentally and physically in the afternoon and longed for my bed so I can recover.  Warmed up with some Z1 and mobility then got to work as I knew what the movements necessitated.  

AMRAPs felt good, just tough to keep the HR down while hitting some of the more intense movments (ie muscle ups).  HR crept up in the last AMRAP and it was tough to keep a quick pace on runs as my HR kept sneaking up.   

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