Monday, April 15, 2013

Training: 4/14/2013

HRV: 101 (+5/green)
HR: 50


AMRAP in 15 min @80%: (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
Run 400m
10 Power Cleans 95lbs
10 T2B
Result: 3 rounds + 400m Run + 10 Power Cleans
--5 min recovery--
AMRAP in 15 min @80%: (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
Row 500m
100m Farmer's Walk 70lb/h
5 Wall Walks
Results: 3 rounds  + 50m Row
--5 min recovery--
AMRAP in 15 min @80%: (HR 160 +/- 5bpm)
3/3 Sandbag Get-Ups ~80lbs
200m Sandbag Carry (same SB)
35 Double Unders
Results: 3 rounds + 3/3 Get-ups

Notes: Felt better waking up this morning.  Headed into the gym early to beat the heat.  Felt pretty good warming up although my lower back was still pretty sore from deadlifts on Friday.  Warmed up with some mixed modal z1 stuff, a little bit of mobility and then got to it.

Again the limiter in this workout was HR management, especially in the later AMRAPs.  My HR would elevate from power cleans, so I broke them up.  Technique felt very good here.  Runs were okay and I was focusing on not overextending, as I knew that it would lock my back up.

I did the second AMRAP last week so I was aware of how this would feel.  The increase in temperature/humidity made my HR creep up, even on the row.  Farmer's walk was broken into 50m interval with about 10sec rest between.  Wall Walks unbroken.

Haven't done heavy SB get-ups in a while.  Noticed that when I held my breath, my HR would jump up.  I suppose the secret to a lot of these movements is to be able to stay tight in your core while also moving.  SB carries no problem, and HR dropped a lot because of the slower pace.  Challenged myself on double unders and went unbroken there.    

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