Monday, April 1, 2013

Training: 4/1/2013

HRV: 104 (+1/green)
HR: 48

A. CGBP: 3x3 @ 30x0; rest 3min (235,245,255)
B1. Back Squat: 3x20 @ 10x0; rest 2min (185,185,195)
B2. Pullups: 3x25; rest 2min (unbroken x 3)
B3. Pushups: 3x30; rest 4min (unbroken x 3)

Notes: Well today was the first day back to muscular endurance training.  Felt pretty good going in, a bit sore from Saturday, but overall feeling okay.  I was a little nervous going into this workout because I know that I haven't done anything this since October.  

I wanted to focus on good technique in all movements, elbows in and shoulders externally rotated on the CGBP, pullups, and pushups.  Knees out at the bottom of the back squats.  Back squats were okay, some burning in the legs but most of the discomfort came from the diaphragm/upper stomach/upper abdominal area.  Just painful.  Pullups felt really good and my shoulders felt fine afterward.  This is a good sign.  Perfect pushups today.  Shoulders felt good afterward.  The only thing that bothered my shoulders were the heavier CGBP, most likely because my shoulder was dumping forward.  

After the last set of pushups, I felt absoultely crushed.  A horrible lactate headache and just pain all over.  Took a half hour to get my head back on straight.

I finished the workout off with 100 unbroken double unders.  This hurt bad.  Calves, diaphragm, and forearms.  I plan on hitting 100 unbroken double unders after every workout from here on out.  Need to train high rep double unders under fatigue.

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